St. Patrick’s Day Thoughts

St. Patrick’s Day Thoughts
Gabe Moncayo
An important part of maintaining peak performance is executing the rest and recovery phase. As a result, a lot of SDRs/AEs will be getting involved in local St. Patrick's Day activities. 

Is this a good idea?

Just kidding, just kidding we are not here to discuss that. 

What is important to take away from this short read is the importance of finding time to create balance and enjoy life. Looking for a sales job or SDR job or trying to hit quota as an SDR/AE can sometimes lead to high cortisol levels (stress).

We need to be intentional in the way we take care of ourselves. The same level of attention to detail we give to our pipeline, metrics, talk tracks, etc, we need to also give to our opportunities for rest and recovery. 

Somepeople will take this time to go to the park with friends, others may go to the bars, while others will visit family at home. The most important thing when it comes to high performance in a software sales environment is finding a good rest and recovery plan that you believe in and makes you happy. 

What do the experts say?

In fact, suggests “...take a full rest day every week”. This can be in the form of a spa day, traveling to a city a few hours away, laying in bed and watching movies, as long as you are doing something that recharges your soul you are achieving high performance in the field of rest and recovery. 

Sometimes your soul will need something different to do, sometimes your body will just need to rest, sometimes your mind just needs a break. Sometimes it is all three. 

Try to start to identify patterns in your own rest and recovery process, and like we do in SaaS sales, start to figure out what works best for you, how you can change this/adjust the process to improve your results. 

In Conclusion

This can sometimes be a long lengthy process that requires frequent internalization, but as is always the case in achieving high performance, and that applies to both hitting our actual quota/making commission and how we rest and recover. 

For all those who will be enjoying the St. Patrick's Day Parade in your local city, enjoy and be safe! 


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