The Top 5 Sales Stack Tools of 2024

The Top 5 Sales Stack Tools of 2024
Gabe Moncayo

The Top 5 Sales Stack Tools of 2024 by AlwaysHired Sales Bootcamp

Tech Stack

By definition, a technology stack is a set of components or layers in a software offering that provides broad functionality. This historically is used amongst software developers. 

Sales Stack

The definition of the sales stack (also known as a sales technology stack) is a term for the totality of sales software that a particular sales team utilizes. As new sales tools become available, sales reps and managers are embracing a wide variety of technologies.

The rise and success of the Sales Stack proves it is here to stay.

By the data:

  • 5,000+ Companies now operate in the “Sales Stack” space
  • $30+ Billion in Funding 

By the logic:

  • Company A has its sales reps manually making calls, they make 65 calls a day.
  • Company B has its sales reps making calls with click to dial technology allowing reps to see a phone number on their computer screen, click it, and their VOIP phone system starts automatically dialing for them. As a result of not having to manually enter phone numbers, reps are able to produce 85 calls a day.

Which sales team above is set up for more success? It’s obvious.

Now imagine that same concept with sending 1 email vs 100, with having to buy static lead lists vs creating a dynamic one, with having to go to 100 sites to research your prospect or just 1, with having only phone/email to prospect vs phone/email/video.

Given how important the Sales Stack now is, it makes sense companies have started requiring sales candidates to have a solid understanding of how to use these tools. 

At AlwaysHired Sales Bootcamp we have our favorites (although we are biased). Here are Top 5 Sales Stack Tools of 2024 by AlwaysHired Sales Bootcamp:

(1) Hubspot

Purpose: Managing your sales funnel

Hubspot has been growing quickly and what used to be a little/big brother relationship with Salesforce is getting closer and closer to identical twins of sorts. 

Hubspot’s ease of use, free trial, and arguably better customer support have allowed it to quickly gain market share. 

“If it is not in the CRM, it does not exist”

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(2) Apollo

Purpose: Sales engagement

Previously we had tools like Outreach and SalesLoft that integrated with a data provider such as ZoomInfo. Now, with Apollo you get the features offered by Sales Engagement tools combined all-in-one with the features found in a data tool. 

No more endlessly switching between tools, or troubleshooting the integration. 

In fact, the market seems so excited to have this new found efficiency, that Apollo announced $100M in fresh funding

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(3) LeadGraph

Purpose: Generating high quality leads

LeadGraph, is the search engine for b2b sales. Not only can you find contact information such as email and phone number, but their software also connects directly to your CRM and website. As a result, it is easy to find prospects that resemble Closed-Won accounts in your CRM. Additionally, with LeadGraph you can see which companies are visiting your website which presents a unique opportunity to reach out to those Accounts. 

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(4) Crunchbase

Purpose: Research technology companies

Crunchbase is the only tool to repeat since we originally wrote this blog in 2018. Financials, People, Technology, Signals & News, and much more - everything you could ever want to know about a startup is found in Crunchbase.

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(5) You decide

Purpose: You tell us

We know we left a lot of great tools on the list. Some we left off because there was no room, others we left off because they are so new and we don’t even know about them yet! 

If you have any favorite tools that we did not include, please be sure to share them with us. 


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