How the tech sales market has changed in 2024

How the tech sales market has changed in 2024
Gabe Moncayo
Things are finally starting to pick back up for those in software sales. As the market is improving it is important to note this is not the same market we used to have. 

What has changed?

Here are a few important things to note that help shed light on how the market has changed. 

5 years ago tools like Outreach and SalesLoft were still relatively new and were well known specifically in the technology industry. 

Now these tools are seeing adoption across virtually every industry. 

Insurance companies are using these tools, banks, educational institutions, SMBs, you name it and they probably have a version of one of these tools. 

One way we know this is true is through Apollo’s recent $100M round of funding. The sales automation sector has grown astronomically in recent years and that means everyone and their grandma (figuratively speaking) is using it. Additionally, tools that used to focus on providing contact data have now expanded their features to also include sales automation. 

If you have been paying attention to your email at all over the last couple of years you will notice the rise in automated follow-ups that are happening over email. 

You will also notice how many of these emails are generic, lack research, and follow a spray and pray tactics. 

Another data point we can reference are the changes from email hosts, such as Google, as they try to update their algorithms to protect the amount of spam their users receive. 

As a seller we must adapt to these changes and zig when the market zags in order to generate results. 

So what is working now? 

A lot of sellers that are hitting quota still continue to use these tools to organize their outreach via a sequence/cadence but have removed the automation of messages. 

Messaging now has to be much more tailored and relevant to the prospect. This means the amount of time spent on research has increased. Messaging can still follow a template but the content of each message should be unique. 

This has also led to a rise in the importance of multi-threading. Before it was enough to just follow up via email. Now it is mandatory to add calls, voicemails, LinkedIn messages, and more. 

In conclusion

Whether you are currently selling technology or looking to get a job in technology make sure you shift your focus from quantity to quality – it is the only way to succeed in this new market we are in. 


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