Bringing Silicon Valley Sales Bootcamp to South Florida

Bringing Silicon Valley Sales Bootcamp to South Florida
Gabe Moncayo
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“I have always gravitated towards Miami as it’s known for passion and excellence - two words that also describe the entrepreneurial mentality that is so prevalent in the tech landscape.” - Gabriel Moncayo, Always Hired

In 2018, diversity and inclusion is the name of the game. As these values have been part of Always Hired’s mission from the start, we’re proud to be leading the force in the technology sales arena. Based in Silicon Valley and surrounded by the status quo, Always Hired is democratizing education to allow anyone -- no matter their economic status or gender -- to succeed in a job in tech.

Launched in 2015, in only three years we have experienced tremendous growth. We have led and completed over 50 bootcamps and are responsible for over 200 students job placements at companies such as Google, Okta, CallidusCloud, and Mulesoft. Now, we’re ready to take this show on the road.

As one of the Top 25 Sales Person in the US winning this achievement three years in a row by the American Association of Inside Sales Professionals, I am bringing my expertise and Silicon Valley mindset to Miami. Starting on April 16th, Always Hired will offer an opportunity for growth, innovation, and jobs to the South Florida market. We are going to do this by providing a bootcamp that includes a comprehensive curriculum that enables success in the workplace with two tracks: interview training and technology training. Interview training teaches students effective elevator pitches, correct ways to reach out to decision-makers, cold calling, and rebuttal techniques. Technology training covers the startup ecosystem, industry jargon, and a strong understanding of sales stack tools such as Salesforce and HubSpot.

With Miami being the second most entrepreneurial city in the US and with an incredible amount of angel investors and VCs alongside an electrifying startup scene -- Miami is the perfect place for more sales representatives to join the workplace. In fact, South Florida’s tech employers are hiring at the highest rate in 16 years, according to an annual report by Fort Lauderdale recruiting firm ProTech, as well as, 75 percent of participating members said they planned to add new jobs over the next six months.

I hope to see more success stories like Diana Shuman, a recent AlwaysHired graduate, who is now a Sales Development Representative at Plivo. She shifted her career path to sales and is now making over $70,000: “Within 18 days flat of meeting my recruiter I had two offers from great companies that were then competing for my services.”

With the Miami economy thriving with investment capital and entrepreneurship, we’re looking forward to training and producing a diverse representation of technology sales representatives to become part of South Florida’s job market to provide value and scale products to the next level. Bringing our Silicon Valley company to Miami will be a challenge, but also a great opportunity.

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Apply for the inaugural Miami bootcamp on April 16th here.  

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