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  • No experience, no
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    you there in no time.

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  • How AlwaysHired
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  • Superior Training

    Superior Training

    3 weeks of intensive in-person training and coaching lead by the CEO, voted one of the ‘AA-ISP Top 25’ sales professionals in the nation.

  • Build your Brand

    Build your Brand

    LinkedIn & Resume makeover (yes you need it). Opportunity to attend our world class sales events for free. Say you are 'With AlwaysHired'.

  • Get the <br/>Job

    Get the

    A couple weeks after the course land a full-time job averaging $75,000 a year. Promotion tracks: Enterprise Closer, Sales Manager, Marketing.

  • Rated
    Sales bootcamp
  • We have a
    placement rate
  • At over
  • Graduates earn
    avg 1st year pay

Teaming up with AlwaysHired was one of the best decisions I've made in my young professional career. The class covers it all, starting with a intro into tech, then advanced sales training/tactics, and finishing with being able to sell yourself. The interactive approach within the class is great for practicing your newly acquired skills, and truly making sure that you're really grasping the information."

The AlwaysHired bootcamp completely changed my life. Before AH, I didn't know how to sell myself in interviews. Now I know exactly what to do and how to do it and companies compete for me. AlwaysHired helped me to increase my base salary by 64% and my OTE by 28%--well worth my time!"

Four weeks after graduating, I had received an amazing job offer from an amazing company that payed amazingly well. Significantly more than the $40-45k base salary I was expecting. And none of this would have been possible without the training and coaching provided to me through AlwaysHired. If you're looking to kickstart your career in sales, look no further. This is the opportunity you've been searching for."

  • Michael McGuinness
  • Emyli Volz
  • Damondrick Jack


  • What kind of job will I get?

    You’ll be hired as a Sales Development Representative (SDR). You'll be responsible for cold calls, generating appointments, and learning the product and industry.
  • How much money do SDRs make?

    Average base salary is ~$45k and average first year earnings is $75k including commission.
  • Do I have to work for one of your partner companies?

    No. Because Student's pay us there is NEVER a scenario where we win and the student loses. Tech is sexy, but not every company is great - it's important to be able to work at a company of your choice. We will never squeeze you into a company just to make a commission.
  • Do I have to have sales experience to succeed with you?

    No – only ~30% of our students have sales experience.
  • What will we learn?

    You'll learn how to speak like a sales professional, handle objections, position your past work experience, and sell yourself in job interviews. Please see curriculum for a full description.
  • Do you have any questions?

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