Frequently Asked Questions

For Employers

How are you different from other sales hiring solutions?

Traditional recruiters charge recruiting fees and only help with sourcing. AlwaysHired Sales Bootcamp charges no recruiting fees, while sourcing and training the new hire to ensure their ramp period is a success.

How are you different from other sales bootcamps?

Most bootcamps rely on either pre-recorded content or mentorship. We specialize in live instructor-led training in all aspects of our work. This means reps get dedicated hands-on training and support before they get placed and during their new hire ramp period.

Is it more expensive than hiring directly?

No. There are no recruiting fees. Save time and money by having us do the initial sourcing and screening enabling your team to focus more attention on the strategy and execution needed to interview and hire great sales talent.

Am I able to specify skills that my company needs in our sales development representatives?

Yes. In addition to covering SDR best practices, training is tailored to your specific sales environment. Topics covered include ICP, Qualification Criteria, Sales Tools, Target Market, Scripts, Templates, Sales Operations, Objections/Rebuttals, and more.

How does your business work with our internal recruiting team?

AlwaysHired Sales Bootcamp is a complement to your internal teams. We work closely with your existing teams to become an extension of your systems and process enabling them to operate more efficiently. Candidates can be shared over email or uploaded directly to your ATS. Your team decides who to interview and who to hire. Weekly 1on1s ensure we are in sync.

For Students

What kind of job will I get?

Depending on your goals and experience, you will get hired as an SDR/AE/CSM/AM in the technology industry. You will have the ability to decide which role and compensation package is the best fit prior to enrolling in AlwaysHired Sales Bootcamp

What salary can I expect?

According to Glassdoor the Median SDR Base Salary for someone with 0-1 years of experience is $51,000 not including commissions/bonuses/stock. If you have previous technology experience in sales you may qualify for a higher paying job.

Do I have to work for one of your partner companies?

When you commit to a partner company as an SDR you will earn $2,500-$3,000 per month for 3-4 months before receiving a full-time W2 offer with a Base Salary/OTE. Hardware and benefits provided after the 3-4 month period. For SDRs only.
When you choose the option to work for a company of your choice in a role of your choice you will receive your full Base Salary/OTE/Hardware on the first day. Benefits vary based on the company but typically start within the first 1-30 days of employment. For SDRs/AEs/CSMs/AMs.

What skills will I gain?

There are 4 core components to our live instructor-led program.
1. Sales bootcamp is our remote live instructor-led structured training curriculum, which includes modules, homework assignments, and quizzes.
2. Ongoing sales training is described as our continued live instructor-led training that is provided outside of the sales bootcamp curriculum. This includes 1 on 1 and group sessions all live with an instructor.
3. Job placement support entails email and LinkedIn applications, referrals and introductions to our Alumni network, live check-ins twice per week, live interview training, live interview preparation, and live offer negotiation.
4. Post placement support ensures that the AlwaysHired Sales Bootcamp alumni network is world-class. For up to 6 months after getting a job, an instructor will work with you live daily to ensure you are hitting quota. Hopefully you don’t need this, but we think it is nice to know it's there.

How far ahead can I sign up?

Given the amount of 1on1 training we do, we are not cohort based. When ready, you can get started right away!

Is tech right for me?

Anyone can work in tech, but working in tech is not for everyone. It is extremely fast paced, things are always changing, and you have to be intrinsically motivated to succeed. There are some famous quotes in tech that will help you understand what working in the industry is like. “Done is better than perfect” and “Move fast and break things”. If you are motivated to make money and get promoted then you may have the prerequisites. If you are accountable, have a high work ethic, and are coachable, then you have what it takes today to be successful in a tech role.

What type of company will I work for?

You’ll work for a company that sells software, hardware, or technology services. They will almost always be venture-backed. If you want a faster promotion, we recommend a smaller startup. If you want more money upfront but are okay being in your role for longer, we recommend a later-stage company

Why do you have 5 stars on Yelp?!

We pay Yelp $1M/Year to have 5 stars. Just kidding! Our CEO has no degree and originally struggled to get into tech 15 years ago. Our team comes from diverse backgrounds. We know corporations don’t always do right by their customers, but one of our core values is always putting the candidate first before everything else. We have a great online presence because we do great, honest work. Try other sites as well, like Google+ and Glassdoor.

What is the difference between the internship model (1099) and the employment model (W2)?

When working for a partner company you will work on 1099 until successfully completing your ramp period. Hardware and benefits available after the ramp period. When working for a company of your choice you will start as a W2 employee. Hardware and benefits available right away.

How long does it take to get a job?

Depending on the strength of the candidate, anywhere from 2-3 months on average. For a top performer they can get a new role in as little as 5–6 weeks. For someone with a very busy schedule it could take 4+ months.

Do you have online classes?

Yes. We provide live remote instructor-led training and support.

How many people get jobs?

90% of our candidates get jobs. Nearly ~1,000 people are now working in tech after completing AlwaysHired Sales Bootcamp.

What happens to the people who don't get jobs (the 10%)?

Have you or a friend ever signed up for the gym and then not gone? That’s what happens. People quit, stop trying, and just ghost. If you are committed, you will not fail. We won’t let you.

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