1 What kind of job will I get?

You'll be hired as a Sales Development Representative (SDR), responsible for cold calls, generating appointments, and learning the industry. Our pre-pay students get jobs as recruiters, managers and account executives.

2 What salary can I expect?

Average base salary is $49k/year, with average first year earnings of $84k including commission.

3 Do I have to work for one of your partner companies?

If you want your tuition to be waived, yes.

4 What will I learn?

You'll learn sales methodologies and tactics, tech tools and how to interview and present yourself and your past experience. See curriculum for a full description.

5 How far ahead can I sign up?

6 months.

6 What is Tech Sales?

Tech Sales is defined as generating business for a that sells hardware, software, or services to or in the Technology Sector. In plain english, this means you will be cold-calling, emailing, and researching companies. Image if Skype wanted to start contacting companies to try and sell them Video/Phone services. You would be that person.

7 Is sales right for me?

Anyone can do sales, but sales is not for everyone. If you are motivated to make money and get promoted then you may have the prerequisites. If you are accountable, have a high-work ethic, and are coachable, then you have what it takes today to be successful in a sales role.

8 What type of company will I work for?

You’ll work for a company that sells software, hardware, or technology services. They’ll either be profitable or venture backed. If you want a fast promotion, we recommend a smaller startup. If you want more money upfront but are okay being in your role for longer, we recommend later stage.

9Do you have scholarships or financial aid?

Students that go to a Hiring Partner do not pay tuition.

10 Do I need to come to class everyday?

Yes. Missing class or not completing homework is an immediate dismissal from the program. Our reputation is based on the quality and commitment of our Graduates. Medical emergencies with valid doctor's excuse this rule.

11 Why do you have 5 stars on Yelp!?

We pay Yelp $1M/Year to have 5 stars. Just kidding! Our CEO has no degree, and originally struggled to get into tech. Our team comes from immigrant families. We know companies don’t always do right by their customers, and one of our core values is always putting the student before everything. We have a great online presence because we do great, honest work. Try other sites as well, like Google+ and Glassdoor.

12Do I actually learn how to close?

Yes. The 2nd week of training is focused on Sales Training. We’ve had founders, recruiters, and AEs learn to close via Always Hired.

13 Do we offer sales internships? (internship model vs job model)

We do not offer internships. We don’t think it’s the best way to help people learn. Our students work real sales leads on behalf of real tech companies, but being good at an SDR is not just about experience. You need to learn sales psychology and the easiest way to do that is to learn with our trainers and your fellow students.

14 What is the different between inside and outside sales?

Inside sales means doing sales inside, aka phone sales. 95% of SDR roles are ‘Inside Sales’, while many Account Executive roles (the promotion after SDR) being a hybrid Inside/Outside Sales role. Outside sales means going out into the field to conduct sales, this is usually reserved for large sales opportunities.

15 How long is the bootcamp?

4 weeks, M-F from 6:30p - 9:30p.

16 Do you have online classes?

Our online self-passed into

17 How much does it cost?

$150 application fee. Tech companies sponsor the sales bootcamp.

18 How many people get jobs?

90% of our students get jobs. If you are looking for a number, we can share over 150 people are now working tech sales after completing Always Hired.

19Do you offer shorter programs?

Yes! We offer a one week sales training program, which is ideal for those not looking for an SDR position. We've trained entrepreneurs, AEs, recruiters - anyone looking to brush up on their sales skills and help grow their career.

20 How long does it take to get a job?

The fastest people get a job while still in class, that’s rare but it does happen (~10%). Our average is 5 weeks, with a true range of 2 - 6 weeks depending on the person.

21 Do I have too much experience to be an SDR?

Being an SDR is about proving you have what it takes to succeed in the fast paced, no excuse world of tech sales. If you think you have too much experience to be an SDR, we recommend you try and get a job and test your theory for yourself! Please note, if you already have tech sales experience and just want a new job, our placement services are free to you!

22 What happens to the people who don't get jobs (the 10%)?

Have you or a friend ever signed up for the gym and then not went? That’s what happens. People quit, stop trying, and just go dark. If you are committed, you will not fail. We won’t let you.