Top 3 Reasons You Still Have Not Gotten A Job

Top 3 Reasons You Still Have Not Gotten A Job
Gabe Moncayo
If you are struggling to get a job it is likely because you don't just want any job.

Depending on your skill set, there are likely many jobs that would be 'easy' to get. But as you know, you are not going to accept any job. You need a job that is going to pay you what you are worth. Glassdoor has a salary estimator for you based on your experience and the current job market. Knowing your worth is important. You also need a job that is fun and challenging. A boring job will cause you to dread going to work. And a job that is too easy for you will be demotivating. You will never hit your true potential.

So let's be honest, you're not struggling to find a job -- you're struggling to find the 'perfect' job. And maybe perfect is the wrong word choice, but it is closer to that than it is to 'any job'.

So you are being selective, why are you so mad the employers you are meeting with are also being selective?

With that being said, here are likely the top 3 reasons you are still not getting a job...

Reason #1: You don't know your competition well enough

Guess what, if you are looking for 1) Happiness 2) Compensation Opportunity and 3) Career Mobility Room you are looking for an arguably top 1% job opportunity. That means your competition will be FIERCE.

Ways your competition stands out:
- Degree in specialized field
- Vocational training
- Dedicating 40-60 hours a week for interviews and interview prep

Reason #2: You lack clarity

You don't know if you want a marketing or a sales job. If you want to work for a non-profit or a 'cool tech company.' Basically what this means is you don't know what job you are good at / will make you happy and you want a company to pay you to learn about yourself. Even if that means you won't be amazing at your job. Don't get me wrong, you may be amazing. But not even you are confident in that scenario.

Unfortunately, opportunities that offer base salary typically want you to have learned about yourself on your own time. Not on their dime.

Good places to learn about yourself:
- School
- Travel to a new location
- Internship
- Public social events (workshops, networking events, career fairs)

Reason #3: You aren't in it for the long haul

If 1, 2, and 3 above (Happiness, Compensation, and Career Mobility) are really that important to you are you going to give up after...

- 30 days of no luck
- 5 rejections
- When you get tired

In reality, if something is THAT important to you that it will change your life, when do you give up? Or do you never give up and just focus on getting better 1% every day until you reach your goal. Until you change your life.

BTW - the person who just barely beat you out to the job you applied for may have been on the job hunt for 6 months. May have been the cousin to the VP. Don't give up so easily. Believe in yourself and understand greatness takes time.

If you are clear on your goals, never give up and be honest with yourself about the competition. This will help you set yourself up for success. Whether it be to get a baller job, or anything else for that matter.

Cheers to our success!

- Gabe


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