This Week in Tech (5/18-5/25)

This Week in Tech (5/18-5/25)
Kevin Lehman
Happy Memorial Day Weekend! Take some time to remember the people that have made the ultimate sacrifice so that we have the freedom to pursue our dreams in tech. Each year, this day reminds me how lucky I am to have the opportunities that are in front of me. Let's get into it.


3 cool things in tech

1. Surf and Sales 3 Sales training and leadership workshops organized by a couple friends of Always Hired Sales Bootcamp, Scott Leese and Richard Harris. Did I mention it's in Costa Rica? Great people, great location, great lessons. Truly a unique event and extremely worthwhile for anyone looking for self-improvement. 2. Game of Thrones star Maisie Williams (Arya Stark) has a talent discovery startup that just received $2.5 M in seed funding She's not just a great actress with many faces (shoutout the many faced God). She's also the co-founder of a talent discovery app that now has 100,000 people using it. The little girl who watched her father get his head chopped off in King's Landing is all grown up. And she is becoming quite the entrepreneur. 3. SpaceX launches 60 internet satellites into space Elon Musk is at it again. He seems to always be in the news, doesn't he? His company, SpaceX, has launched 60 internet satellites into space in an attempt to build a highly interconnected network of satellites that would provide people with high speed internet access anywhere on the planet. Very ambitious indeed. Nothing new from Elon.

2 rising tech stocks

Very rough week for tech stocks overall. Here are a few of them that did well. Lyft: $52.10 to $56.80 (9.01%) Roku $83.84 to $96.29 (14.85%)

1 tech related video

"But he took an unconscious bias course 6 months ago" Workplace bias is still hindering people of color and women. What can you do to stop it? Check out this Linkedin video to see how recognition is the first step in fighting back against workplace bias. -- I hope you enjoyed this article that featured tech-related news from the past week. Expect these types of blog posts to consistently be coming out on Saturdays moving forward. Give us a follow on our Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and Linkedin to see how we are transforming the ed-tech industry and helping people break into tech. Here is last week's tech blog post. -- We have free online sales training videos available on our Teachable. The online sales training videos will help you learn some sales skills as well as give you a preview of what our bootcamp training is like. And if you're asking yourself: "How can I find a boot camp near me?" Our real sales bootcamp that includes live, instructor-led curriculum from former SDRs at Salesforce, Linkedin, and IBM, can be done virtually!

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