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The Best Sales Stack
Gabe Moncayo

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(This time we're biased) Tech Stack By definition, a technology stack is a set of components or layers in a software offering that provides broad functionality. Microsoft Office is an easy example. The combination of Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Exchange improves personal productivity for billions of people. Sales Stack The definition of the sales stack (also known as a sales technology stack) is a term for the totality of sales software (typically cloud-based) that a particular sales team utilizes. As new sales tools become available, sales reps and managers are embracing a wide variety of technologies. The rise of the Sales Stack proves it is here to stay. By the data:
  • 700+ Companies now operate in the “Sales Stack” space
  • $20 Billion in Funding
By the logic:
  • Company A has its sales reps manually making calls, they make 65 calls a day.
  • Company B has it sales reps making calls with click to dial technology allowing reps to see a phone number on their computer screen, click it, and their VOIP phone system starts automatically dialing for them. As a result of not having to manually enter phone numbers reps are able to product 85 calls a day.
What sales team above is set up for more success? It’s obvious. Now imagine that same concept with sending 1 email vs 100, with having to buy static lead lists vs creating a dynamic one, with having to go to 100 sites to research your prospect or just 1, with having only phone/email to prospect vs phone/email/video. The Sales Stack has changed the game! And it’s a much better game to be played now with a lot of different personality types and backgrounds qualified and excited to play. Given how important the Sales Stack now is, it makes sense companies have started requiring sales candidates to have a solid understanding of how to use these tools. At Always Hired’s Sales Bootcamp we have our favorites (although we are biased). Here are the most important tools we believe every technology sales professional needs to have. Name of Tool: Salesforce Purpose: Managing your sales funnel sfdc-logo.png Salesforce is a CRM, which stands for Customer Relationship Management. When you call the bank and they ask you for your information to look up your account, they are using a CRM (Albeit, likely an archaic one). Salesforce also goes by the acronym SFDC. It used to stand for Salesforce Developers Community, but now that developers are not the only ones using Salesforce it’s adopted a new colloquial name, Salesforce (Dot) Com. “If it is not in Salesforce, it does not exist” Learn how to set up a free trial - Name of Tool: Outreach Purpose: Email and Call outreach-logo.png Outreach allows people to create predefined flexible workflows that enable your sales team to scale, save time, create a predictable revenue model, and discover what works and doesn’t. You know when Groupon emails you their daily deals (or is that just me? - their groupon goods used to be my jam, but now everything is just refurbished - okay rant over) and they address you by name? Well they don’t have a human writing in the first names of the 100,000 people they are emailing. With email tools you can “tag” content and Outreach will automatically customize the tag based on the data in your leads:
  • [Name]
  • [Lead Source]
  • [Recent Publication]
The above are examples of things you can “tag” in email so that you can send 100 emails at once, but they get customized with the information per the “tag”. Bonus: Outreach now has Click to Dial so when your prospects open your email you can call them right away! Here is a great deck and video that provides an overview: Outreach Deck Outreach Video - Name of Tool: LeadIQ Purpose: Generating Leads LeadIQlogo.png LeadIQ is a great tool for building a list of leads. Identify your prospect on LinkedIn, obtain their email address, add them to your list and boom! High quality leads ready to be imported in Outreach or Salesforce. Start with 50 free leads! Hilarious promo video Free Leads - Name of Tool: Vidyard Purpose: Video Prospecting vidyard-logo-sized.png Vidyard works as a chrome extension (my personal favorite), Gmail extension, desktop download and mobile app. It makes it simple for anyone to record, send and track personal video messages using their webcam or a screen capture. When done right, video messages can not only boost response rates, but they can help build a more personal relationship from day one. Sending prospects videos and video campaigns has never been this easy. Install their free extension here! - Name of Tool: Crunchbase Purpose: Discover and Research Companies cb.logo (1).jpg Crunchbase is technology Data. Funding History, Founders, Pricing, Competitors, Team Members and much more - everything you could ever want to know about a startup Learn more about Crunchbase Pro -   If you want to learn more about Always Hired’s Technology Training - check it out here. Keep Crushin’ - Gabe
  -- Here are some other tools that can be useful in your sales stack. These tools aren't as essential as the ones listed above, but they definitely have their place in the repertoire of any inside sales professional looking to hit quota. Name of tool: Drift Purpose: Set meetings for you One of the hotter tech companies out there, Drift was started by former Hubspot employees that basically wanted to run their old company out of business. Their chat bot and use of "conversational marketing" was made in an attempt to get rid of Hubspot's strangle-hold on inbound marketing. Name of tool: Mailchimp Purpose: CRM + Drip marketing Mailchimp can really do it all. It can act as a CRM and drip marketing tool. Some of the features of Mailchimp can go a long way in improving the customer experience for prospects in your pipeline. -- We have free online sales training videos available on our Teachable. The online sales training videos will help you learn some sales skills as well as give you a preview of what our bootcamp training is like. And if you're asking yourself: "How can I find a boot camp near me?" Our real sales bootcamp that includes live, instructor-led curriculum from former SDRs at Salesforce, Linkedin, and IBM, can be done virtually! Hero Image Credit: Nicolas de Kouchkovsky   

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