The Art Of Persuasion || Collaboration with General Assembly

The Art Of Persuasion || Collaboration with General Assembly
Gabe Moncayo



Turn disputes into deals. Transform deals into better deals. Resolve intractable problems.  

As selling has evolved, successful salespeople have upgraded their skills and abilities to become more consultative and value-oriented. You need to make your negotiations effective by figuring out what motivates the other side and knowing when to put an offer on the table.

This workshop will help you to develop skills you didn’t know you had that will re-fresh your ability to close deals all the time whilst giving the customer everything they want. People buy from people so being the best sales person you can be and learning great sales techniques will drive success.

Learn from the CEO of Always Hired Gabriel Moncayo everything you need to know about the art of persuasion. Decoding the conventional wisdom about selling, Gabe will share the best sales practices and how to close deals faster. 

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Date: Tuesday, May 8th

Time: 6:30pm (PDT) 

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