Tech I Love – Stack Overflow

Tech I Love – Stack Overflow
Isaac Martin


I wanted to take a break from development today to recognize a website every software developer knows and loves: Stack Overflow. For those that aren’t familiar with it, Stack Overflow provides a community made up of a vast population of software developers. Stack Overflow is such an ever-present fixture of modern software development yet it simply doesn’t get enough explicit recognition. It’s a place to turn to when we’ve been banging our head on a problem and feel like we’re getting nowhere. We work to help each other, to discover novel alternatives to our entrenched beliefs, and expand the knowledgebase in general.

More than anything, it is the community at Stack Overflow which makes it so powerful. Reflecting on this fact has been part of what drives me toward creating a similar feeling of community at AlwaysHired. We aren’t working to build a massive knowledgebase in the style of Stack Overflow. But, we are working to help people. We want to make the process of finding a job easier. We want people to have a clear path to that job by defining what skills they need. Finally, we intend to effectively impart those skills.  

Throughout this process our candidates build relationships with one another. They help each other out.  They learn from each other. We at AlwaysHired are very aware that it is the great people involved in our sales bootcamp who are driving our success. We intend to build upon this existing community by adding online tools to foster its development.  I’m very excited about this vision, and am encouraged by the daily progress I see toward it’s realization.


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