#SDRMeetup Breaking Records at WeWork Embarcadero

#SDRMeetup Breaking Records at WeWork Embarcadero
Gabe Moncayo


Kelsey: “The WeWork staff tells me this is the biggest event they’ve had here.”

“Holy smokes,” I yelled - “again!?” Kelsey says “Yes, but this building has only been open for two months so don’t give me all the credit.”

Gabe: “Let’s not focus on those two data points for now and continue to celebrate”

This was the brief interaction Kelsey and I had as last week’s #SDRMeetup came to a successful conclusion.

Quantitative Success:

  • 120+ People in Attendance
  • 40-60% Show Rate
  • Had leftover pizza slices and beer :)

Qualitative Success:

  • People had fun
  • Said it was one of the most organized meetups they’ve attended
  • Lots of high-fives

Since the event ended we’ve received an influx of inbound interest in future events, both on the attendee and sponsorship side. I personally had so much fun talking with Danilo, Alexa, and Katherine.

So, Kelsey great job! Again!

In fact Kelsey did such a good job that we are excited to announce she has been promoted to Head of Events & Partnerships. She will continue to run the highest value events for AlwaysHired which include our B2B, B2C, and collegiate communities.

Thank you all as you continue to support this journey of providing real, raw, true value.

We have another event coming up in the future, but I’d rather not leave you with a CTA, and you remember me :)

See you soon,


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