Redefining Entrepreneur

Redefining Entrepreneur

As anyone can tell you, SF is super hot right now, and I don’t mean this heat wave we just experienced. Thank God for Karl The Fog coming back into town.

As a Bay Area native, I’ve seen so many changes these last few years. Obviously growing up here, I wanted an adventure in my 20s, and to be honest, the rush and thrill of NYC — where I moved to in 2012 to build out a sales team — is the energy I crave. Tall buildings, efficient public transit, and the street vendors (and especially 1am street meat) is what gets me going.

Returning back to San Francisco in 2013, I saw SF from another viewpoint. From the outside you still have the same views of Alcatraz and the Bay Bridge with an increased skyline. But, from the inside, well….you are on the inside so enjoy what you can!

There is a new buzz in the city — strike while it’s hot. Everyone is trying to be part of the action. We are all getting better and that’s exciting.

So much of the tenets of entrepreneurship are becoming visible within sales. The will to succeed. The fight inside to never give up. It is around more than ever before.

Let me be clear, an entrepreneur is not a CEO, by definition. Most happen to be, but not all by true spirit. If you wake up today better than you did yesterday — and it was on purpose — you qualify. If you connect your growth to an increase in any KPI: whether it be revenue, health, or overall happiness than you are an entrepreneur.

I’m excited to call myself an entrepreneur, and many of my friends are as well. If you would like to connect to discuss growth, shoot us a note at

– Gabriel Moncayo, co-founder, AlwaysHired

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