New products, new partnerships, new executives and a new look

Jul 06
Our goal at AlwaysHired has always been to get trained salespeople into the workforce. We are dedicated to our students and the companies with whom we partner. But part of running a business is innovating. As we’ve grown, we’ve learned. We know that companies are in need of trained salespeople. This hasn’t changed. We’ve learned that our training bootcamps are successful in preparing and placing individuals in technical sales jobs. We’ve learned that the flexibility and accessibility of online training are essential to getting more salespeople out into the workforce. And, most importantly, we’ve learned the hard way that building a service-based brick and mortar business does not scale, especially not in today’s economy.

So at AlwaysHired, we’ve innovated. We’ve made adjustments to meet these market needs. And now we have new products, new partnerships, new executives, and a new look!
Here’s an overview of where we have been...where we are...and where we are going...

AlwaysHired was founded as a sales consulting firm with the goal of helping companies write sales scripts and develop sales processes, uncovering a major market need for streamlined hiring of trained and qualified salespeople.

We pivoted our consulting business to meet this industry need and began offering sales bootcamps. We held more than 12 successful bootcamps, producing 50 graduates, 40 of whom landed jobs soon after. We saw a positive market response that led to fundraising efforts.

We closed our first round of fundraising, successfully signing $500K, and continued to build as a B2C business charging students for in-person sales training and job placement services based out of our local HQ in San Francisco.

Once again, we listened to market feedback and rebuilt our business model. We decided to partner with companies rather than charge students tuition. This shift to a B2B model eased the financial burden on students, gave companies better access to a trained salesforce, and stabilized our internal core metrics.

We converted to a digital cloud platform in order to scale our service offerings to a larger market. We used our experience of teaching in-person classes and built out the technology and software to offer services online. We rebranded AlwaysHired with an updated logo, color palette, and adjustments to the name. We added Mike Colonnese to our executive leadership team as COO to help expand our relationships and strategic partnerships.

With a new look, new business model, a new app, and 10 graduates landing jobs with an average OTE of $80,000, we started the year off energized and ready to go bigger and grow more! We hired a star-studded CMO, Min Cho, to help us grow our top-of-funnel activity. We brought in a new Content Manager, Sarah Pitman, to consolidate our online presence and marketing strategy, and we hired our own student, Shabana Fazal, to help spearhead our outbound efforts.

With our new team, business model, and product, momentum is picking up at a breakneck speed. Our student volume is growing 20% MoM, and we signed ~$100,000 worth of new B2B business since Shelter In Place started! And that’s not all...

We are weeks away from announcing a new product release and a new partnership with a major US city.

We are weeks away from announcing an important partnership with a nationwide coding bootcamp.

And we are weeks away from announcing our Top 100 All-Time Alumni of AlwaysHired.

We have nearly 300 SDR placements now, and we have watched most of our original graduates promoted at companies like Okta, SAP, Mulesoft, and more!

PS: We have a less than 10% churn rate with our SDR placements.

At AlwaysHired, we are growing and innovating again, finally, and we are excited to connect even more top-performing companies with top-performing sales talent. We have the same mission, a clearer vision, and we are going even bigger.

Starting today, we are releasing 4 new blog posts and 1 press release per month. We are internally still hiring (visit our careers page) for remote positions and I personally am doing better than ever. I’ve learned to ask for help more, to prioritize my physical and mental health (even above the business), and to take the good with the bad. If you are reading this, I hope you are ready for what’s next...I know we are!

Talk soon…
Gabe & The AlwaysHired Team

Recent Placements:

We are currently offering a 0% placement fee and no additional cost to hire SDRs. Our new pricing will be loved by CEOs and CFOs as expenses remain 100% congruent. If you’d like to see what candidates we have in your local market today, email or schedule a call with her here:
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