My First Weeks at AlwaysHired

My First Weeks at AlwaysHired
Elise Hymes

When I first learned about the AlwaysHired sales bootcamp and job placement program, I was intrigued. A program boasting over 90% job placement for those entering the sales field was incredible. I had multiple friends who would benefit from a program of this caliber. I thought the concept was so interesting that when I noticed an opening for a VP of Marketing, I immediately contacted Gabe.

Since joining AlwaysHired two weeks ago, I can honestly say I am the happiest I've been in my career. And the reason is multifaceted. The team with which I work is incredible. We all come from different backgrounds and places, but we all have the same goal - to make AlwaysHired and our students successful. There is an enthusiasm in the air which is contagious (and I work from home, so that's really saying something!). Additionally, the freedom I have to grow our marketing department is so exciting and such an opportunity for growth both professionally and personally.

AlwaysHired fosters an inclusive environment and everyone - from students to alums to employees - really encourages one another to learn, grow and succeed. I'm only two weeks in but can't wait to see what the future holds.

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