Master the Cold Call at ExecVision’s Call Camp

Master the Cold Call at ExecVision’s Call Camp

When I was a young sales rep, my manager would make us record all our sales calls. This was way before there were apps to do that. Seriously, we would have to plug an actual tape deck into our phones. Yep, I’ve been doing inside sales for a looooooong time…

Twice a week, our manager would play back a call in front of the team. Every time he heard a mistake, he would hit pause, and explain how we could improve. As excruciating as it was at the time, in hindsight, I owe much of my success to these sessions.

That’s why I’m excited to announce our partnership with ExecVision, a company that is dedicated to coaching businesses to improve their calls. On Tuesday, April 26th, I’ll be a guest coach at ExecVision’s Call Camp. The aim is to help SDRs hone their communication skills by analyzing real sales and client calls.

I’ll be joining ExecVision co-founder, Steve Richard to teach you how to pitch, identify buying cues, and overcome rejection like a pro.

Think of it this way: If sports coaches use game footage to improve their strategy, why can’t business leaders?

This will be the first step in a partnership to assist SDRs in crushing sales quotas by reviewing their previous calls. Next, we will be launching the world’s first virtual sales hackathon so the tech sales community can finally crown the “Best SDR in Tech.”

Register for your chance to up your sales game with us. If you’d like your call reviewed by one of ExecVision’s experts, submit it here.

Since our launch last August, AlwaysHired has helped SDRs get their foot in the door at leading Bay Area tech companies. Watching our graduates’ progress has been a humbling experience. And our partner companies are benefiting from their talent, making it a win-win.

I know firsthand the importance of having a mentor that can point out your blind spots. I’m enthusiastic about passing along what I’ve learned, and in turn, creating a community of SDRs who can learn from each other.

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