March 2017 #salesopsHH Recap

March 2017 #salesopsHH Recap
Gabe Moncayo

To all who attended our #salesopsHH last night, thank you! What an impressive night it was. It was a productive night, but as I sit here and reflect, I ask myself: was it efficient?

In the spirit of all that is true (data), I thought it would be fun to share some data around the event and even include some projections for our upcoming #salesopsHH.

So without further ado, here is the sales ops rundown on the #salesopsHH, and our planned adjustments to make the next installment even better!

Sales Ops @ LinkedIn - Actual

- 31 days of promotion
- 15 registrations per day
- ~500 total registrations, with a show-rate above our projections! (40% vs 55%)
- 275+ attendees

Sales Ops @ Salesforce - Projections

- 60 days of promotion
- 10 Registrations per day
- 600 Total registrations, with a show-rate of 50%
- 300 attendees

Adjustments -

- More pizza and beer!
- Send save the date reminders for upcoming #salesopsHH at Salesforce HQ: Thursday, June 9, 2017
- More volunteers for check-in and day-of tasks

Next Steps -

Our next event at Salesforce will be bigger than the event at LinkedIn which was bigger than the event at Lyft. We are bumping capacity up to 300 people, and I anticipate hitting that goal easily (I mean, wouldn’t you with the trends we are seeing in the data?).

We appreciate everyone offering to help and would like to offer the first 20 volunteers who sign up a free ticket. Shifts will be in 2 hours brackets prior, during and after the event.

A huuuuge thank you to all companies that support the mission of increasing efficiency through data while fostering a collaborative community for all. You all helped make the event such a hit!

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