Los Angeles Tech Sales Bootcamp

Los Angeles Tech Sales Bootcamp
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Kevin_dorseyWhen I made the decision to join Service Titan to lead their sales development and sales enablement functions I did it for two reasons. The first? The company is making a difference. Our product truly has a measurable and positive impact on all these small business owners lives. I love knowing that what we’re selling is allowing a mother or father to spend more time at home, or pay their people better, or grow their business significantly.
The second? We are hiring 50 people over the next two years and I’ll personally have the opportunity to interview, hire, mentor and develop each of them. Any one that knows me, knows how passionate I am about sales training and coaching, so this was a massive opportunity to turn ServiceTitan into Sales University.

In this modern day and age being a Sales Leader is more than just ensuring revenue targets are met. It’s about connecting with people in ways we previously thought were irrelevant to business and giving them the community, culture and tools they need to be successful.

We are hiring 25 people by September of 2018 and have enlisted the services of Always Hired to help us get there.

I am proud to share that Service Titan will be a Cohort Sponsor for the Los Angeles market.

What does this mean?

Free Education

Any Always Hired student that enrolls in their SDR bootcamp will get access to world class sales training from industry leaders all at no charge to them. 

Commitment to Diversity

Service Titan is committed to hiring a diverse and inclusive workforce. I’m excited to share that Always Hired will help us tap into a diverse workforce which includes a pool of candidates that are: 10% Veterans, 30% Woman and 40% from under represented groups. 

Community Development

I will be spending time on-site at the Always Hired campus running trainings and answering Q&As as appropriate. Additionally, I will also be participating in local fireside chats and panel discussions.

Tailored Sales Training

Typically Always Hired uses stock sales examples to teach their students about different sales environments. Through our partnership the trainings covering: scripts, cold calls, emails, buyer personas and lead lists building will all be custom to Service Titan.


What’s next?

The Always Hired LA Sales Bootcamp will be taking place May 21 with new hires starting on my team in June.

I want to meet top performers!

Read the Always Hired training syllabus here.




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