Interview Strategies that Guarantee Success

Interview Strategies that Guarantee Success
Kevin Lehman


Job interviews can be an intimidating experience. It takes a lot of effort to secure a job interview if you have been searching for opportunities for a long time. The interview strategies you devise will play a vital role in the process of getting hired. Once you have got your interview call, the first thing is to congratulate yourself for your success. You have convinced them that you are potentially the right person for the job. You should be confident that you fit the job description and are qualified for the job. A job interview is like a test where a panel asks you questions of which you know all the answers. The questions will be mostly regarding the job and your qualifications. For example, if you have mentioned that you know French as your second language, they might ask you the best ways to learn French. On the contrary, the questions might be related to job competencies like communication skills or working under pressure. It is a misconception that the hiring managers want to see the negative aspects of your personality only to disregard you. The reality is that the hiring managers are also keen to meet you and are desperately looking for someone to fill the vacant position. The process of hiring is prolonged due to a number of factors on both sides of the tables. The examples can be unrealistic expectations for salaries or idealistic sales targets which cannot be achieved. The best job candidates are the ones who are aware of the job descriptions and nature of the work and are well prepared to meet the manager. Today, we will go through some of the different trivial strategies which you can follow and win your ideal appointment.

Pre Interview Preparations

Before you go on the quest for the treasure hunt which will lead you to your ideal job, make the following preparation beforehand to avoid any unforeseen situations:
  • Study the organization for which you are giving an interview. It is imperative to know their business processes and how you fit into all the culture of the organization. You should be aware of the products and services of the company. List down a couple of questions about the company to ask from the employer. It will give them a feeling that you are interested in their organization. Go through the website of the company to search for events and management.
  • One of the critical job strategies which the candidates do not follow is to read through your own resume. You should develop a familiarity with the things you have written on your CV. Make sure that it’s the same one which you sent to your employer. It is pertinent to give answers about your previous employment and job duties intelligently. Do not include anything in your resume which is a lie and you cannot elaborate on it.
  • You should have an idea of what is required from you when the organization is going to hire you. Read through the job description and list of competencies required properly. The best strategy is to align the job description and traits asked with your previous employer. Prepare some examples of how you achieved your goals. If a job necessitates you to work under pressure, then you should tailor your answers according to it.

Assess Temperament of Hiring Manager

Once you are in front of the hiring manager, you have to pay attention to their rhythm. Their body language and way of communication will give you a lot of hints. Try to go with the flow of your manager. For instance, if he is speaking too fast and you are slow paced then you will be killing him with your tempo. Always be thoughtful and try to calm the situation down.

Avoid Small Talk

You should talk to the person in front of you like you are having a conversation with him. They might start with a very rudimentary and trivial question to escalate the dialogue. Your job is not only to give the answer appropriately but also talk to about things. If there is a moment of silence between his next question and your answer, you have probably failed your test.

Eye Contact is Everything

Making eye contact is the strongest way to communicate with your employer. It is a kind of non-verbal communication which tells them that you are confident about yourself and your qualifications. If you fumble or feel shy in front of them, your first impression will go down the drain. Make sure you smile and give positive vibes. When you meet your potential employer, make sure that you shake hands with them and positively look at them until the end of the interview. This simple strategy will take you a long way to achieving your goals.

Practice makes Perfect

This fact cannot be stressed more. You have to practice each and every move of yours to impress your employer. Write down the list of questions you will ask them regarding the company culture and its events. It’s not a best practice to ask about the salary if they do not ask your expectations. Prepare a set of interview questions and answers, you can also grab one of your friends to be an interviewer and give you honest opinions about your answers. Remember to practice in front of the mirror so that you know how you look while talking. Print your resume and prepare your clothes one day before the interview. Make sure you know the correct route to the company where your interview is.


A job interview is a demonstration by the potential employee to fulfill the job description in front of the employers. You have to give your best short in order to achieve the desired objective. If your employer has a slightest of the hint that you might not be willing for the opportunity, they will turn you down in the blink of an eye. The right strategy will take you a long way to achieve your goals by securing your dream job. Do not forget the power of a simple word “thank you” to the people who took time out to meet you. It is better than you give them a phone call or send a paper-based letter which will stand out in between a load of emails and electronic conversations. It is also a chance to show them that you are the right person for the job. Guest Post by Hassan Khan from Techvando -- Here are some of our blog posts that will help you succeed in your job hunt: 3 Most Common Mistakes I See on Your Linkedin Profile Top 3 Reasons You Still Have Not Gotten A Job 4 Soft Skills Employers are Looking For -- We have free online sales training videos available on our Teachable. The online sales training videos will help you learn some sales skills as well as give you a preview of what our bootcamp training is like. And if you're asking yourself: "How can I find a boot camp near me?" Our real sales bootcamp that includes live, instructor-led curriculum from former SDRs at Salesforce, Linkedin, and IBM, can be done virtually!

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