Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) and Your Job Search

Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) and Your Job Search
Gabe Moncayo

What is ICP? And how can it make finding the right job easier for you?

ICP means ideal customer profile. For an SDR this means asking yourself, “does this prospect fit the criteria to become a customer?”

Before you become an SDR, ICP can be helpful in deciding what job is a good fit for you. There are countless jobs out there and so many variables to consider, so it’s a good idea to figure out what’s important to you before you search - basically, create an ICP of the job you want.

Many go into a job search with the “I’ll take any job I can get” mentality, but this is not the right attitude to have. For example, if you like a company and apply to every position open you will come off as unfocused and the hiring manager will assume you don’t know what you want. Before you search write down a list of what is important to you. This could be location, product, compensation, and culture.

To create your career ICP, ask yourself some of these questions:
  • Am I willing to make the commute?
  • Are they paying a livable wage?
  • Can I see myself selling that product?
Try to avoid coming off desperate in an interview. Think about this way, have you ever met a person who is trying too hard to make you like them? It’s the same way in an interview. Instead, act natural. Come in with questions because they are not only interviewing you but because you are also interviewing them. A great mentality to have is “I’m going to dedicate a huge chunk of my life to this company. I have several questions to make sure I’m dedicating myself to the right company.” If you can think like that, then you’ll have the confidence to land a job that fits your ICP. -- Adding some new questions to help you create your ICP:
  • What size of company am I looking for?
  • What stage is the company in? (early stage startup, late stage startup, public company)
  • Is the company older or newer?
  • What industry is the company in?
  • Am I looking for a longer commitment or shorter commitment?
  • What benefits does the company provide outside of compensation?
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