Introducing our new Director of Partnerships (SDR Placements)

Introducing our new Director of Partnerships (SDR Placements)
Gabe Moncayo
We are really excited to share that Elliot Okiwelu recently joined Always Hired Sales Bootcamp as Director of Partnerships. He brings a lot of Technology Sales experience, and was also a model for Nintendo in another life :)

In his current role with Always Hired Sales Bootcamp, Elliot finds new software companies to hire our Students and then directly connects them with graduates of our SDR Bootcamp and Sales Internships.

 Elliot has lots of previous experience working in software sales and we could not be more thrilled to have him on the team! His LinkedIn Profile

Upon joining the team he shared a few words (original version) in the form of a blog that he wrote and shared on his personal LinkedIn Pulse:
"Mission-driven is something you hear all the time in technology. Most tech companies are convinced they're on a “mission” to change the world, one line of code at a time. Many are indeed doing this. They’re disrupting and improving. Saving time, money, hassle. Cutting costs, helping people, keeping folks connected. The work is easier and feels great. 

You learn in the tech-world-trenches that it’s still business at the end of the day. The grind is real. Compliance is real. Things break. Customers get upset. 

It’s when things go wrong that the idea of mission-driven is really tested. When your endeavor gets tough, it’s imperative to remind yourself that you ARE doing amazing stuff, changing lives and making the world better. Say to yourself “I am doing good work.''"
--- We have free online sales training videos available on our Teachable. The online sales training videos will help you learn some sales skills as well as give you a preview of what our sales bootcamp training is like. And if you're asking yourself: "How can I find a boot camp near me?" Our real sales bootcamp that includes live, instructor-led curriculum from former SDRs at Salesforce, Linkedin, and IBM, can be done virtually!

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