How to sell in a down economy?

How to sell in a down economy?
Gabe Moncayo

2022 was not a great financial year for the markets, and 2023 is projected to be worse. 

Most companies are not lowering quota, and top reps are still figuring it out how to get it done…just like they always have and always will. 

So what can you do to hit quota while times are tough? 

Here are 3 tips that you can deploy today. 

Let us know if they worked! 

  1. Generally speaking, all selling has to be tied directly to cutting costs or increasing revenue. Companies have shifted their priorities from growth at all costs, to growth via healthy margins. “Nice to have” solutions are being cut/ripped out, and only “essential” software is now an approved internal budget. 

No longer can you just save people time, or make things easer by skipping a click or two. Everything has to be broken down to the bottom line. 

  1. Loop in more people into the sales process. Companies are doing less with more, and employees are now being asked to do more. That means marketing is more involved with sales and visa versa.

For example, if you used to only sell to Sales consider now Marketing, or Customer Success, to be part of your buyers process. If you used to sell to HR, now loop in OPS, etc. 

  1. Increase your volume. Everyone always wants to focus on efficiency, and how “hustle culture” is on its way out…not in sales though! Unless you are #1 in sales/meetings you should be #1 in activity. 

If you have that mentality. you are already ahead of 99% of sales people! 

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