How the Always Hired Boot Camp for Sales Changed My Life

How the Always Hired Boot Camp for Sales Changed My Life
Gabe Moncayo

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When I first heard about the Always Hired boot camp for sales, I was at a pivotal point in my life. Let me rewind a little…

Six years ago, I left my small town to carve out a new life. Fast forward to January 1, 2017. I was broke, struggling to survive, and ready to give up.

I didn’t have a lot of options, companies wouldn’t look at me because I didn’t have a college degree and worst of all, I didn’t have the confidence to stand out.

After a lot of soul (and web) searching, I was finally able to narrow it down to two options. The first was a less than desireable application for a housekeeping job back home, the other was Always Hired. Do I retreat to my comfort zone or push forward and take one last risk?

To be honest, I never saw myself as a housekeeper and I wasn’t ready to go back home. I knew there was more waiting for me. So, despite knowing nothing about tech sales and not having a degree, I went with Always Hired.

The first day of class, I was shy. I was afraid I wouldn’t be taken seriously because I lacked a college degree. The trainers put that fear to rest and treated me as everyone’s equal. Throughout the bootcamp they taught me about the industry and as my knowledge grew, so did my confidence.

As I speak with students and graduates, a lack of confidence is an overarching theme so I want to share my advice on overcoming this:

  • Speak with conviction, if you don’t believe in what you’re saying then no one else will.
  • Admit when you don’t know something. The worst thing that can happen is that you’ll learn something new.
  • Most importantly, stay humble. Everyone starts from the bottom. Remember there was a point in time when that was you.

I’m happy to say that two weeks after graduation I had two job offers - something I didn’t think was possible a month before. Now, I find myself at the next point in my career, leading our partnership and placements, helping others gain their confidence and find their career path.

Always Hired gives you the tools to be successful, but in order for that success to be real you’ll need to apply them. Follow the process Gabe and the trainers teach and you will reap the rewards.


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