Helping the Future of Sales

Helping the Future of Sales
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Scott Leese, VP Sales @ Qualia | 14 Years VP Sales Experience

I have spent the entirety of my career building sales organizations and salespeople. I have a passion for helping people get their start in sales, and doing my best to help launch them full force into a successful career.

I had no formal business education when I started in sales. I had never done sales in any capacity in my life and was left to fend for myself and learn on the fly. I would have killed to get some help in the early days, but didn’t know where to find it or where to go.

That is why I am so pleased to announce that I have joined Always Hired as a Strategic Advisor. They provide people the training and information necessary to get your sales career started, as well as coach you on how to land a job at a tech startup. Their students not only learn how to sell, they also benefit from the connections and relationships gained through the experience and the “alumni” becomes a close-knit group who helps each other continue to grow and prosper.

I first met Gabe [CEO Founder of Always Hired] about 7 years ago. He was smart, eager to learn and extremely ambitious. We worked together for a few years and I have followed closely as he pursued his dreams and started his own company. His own passion for sales, and the development of talent is obvious when you talk to him or spend time with him. We have this in common and we share similar goals.

The talent Gabe and his team produce through their program and trainings is powerful. If you are looking for new sales talent, you should definitely check out Always Hired students. They have been put through a rigorous program with excellent teachers and mentors, and most importantly, these are people who are far beyond driven to succeed. They have that DNA to be successful, and have invested in themselves to do so.

I look forward to adding value to Gabe and his team, but most importantly, to the incoming students and past alumni of Always Hired. Consider me at your disposal as an advocate and resource.

- Scott Leese




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