Growth Opportunities in the Workplace

Growth Opportunities in the Workplace
Elise Hymes


It’s hard to keep up nowadays. New technologies are constantly popping up, recruiters and hiring managers are adding skill requirements to the already long list of qualifications for which they are looking. It begs the question, how does one keep up and stay relevant?

Thankfully, many companies in the Bay Area encourage personal and professional growth, and even set aside budgets to allow their employees to enroll in courses which will help advance their growth.

Additionally, for those looking to make a career switch and looking to build a new set of skills, there are plenty of schools and bootcamps who will teach you the skills necessary to land a job (often only taking payment after you are placed in a job).

Of course, it can be hard to cut through the noise when there are so many offerings out there, all claiming to be the best. Here, I’ve broken down a list by job function of what are the most sought after, recognized providers out there.

Software Development

App Academy - recently ranked the #1 coding school by, you will learn the fundamentals behind Ruby Rails and Javascript. Their program is a 12 week intensive course, which includes assistance with job placement and tuition is collected after you accept a job.


Hubspot - from eBooks to marketing certification courses, you don’t need to be a Hubspot customer to benefit from their educational materials. Even better, they’re free. As an evolving marketer, I am constantly looking to them for tips on writing blogs, landing page best practices and how to improve our organic efforts.

Inbound - while not a course, it is a conference and one I’ve found to be the most valuable of any marketing conferences I have attended (and that’s a lot). If your company is willing to send you, it’s worth the investment. There are so many online courses and tutorials, but the value of sitting in front of industry leaders and mingling with your peers can provide insights (and hold your attention), the way simply sitting in front of your computer cannot.


Always Hired Sales Training - although many come to us looking to break into tech sales, we also offer a one week sales training program for those looking to brush up on their sales skills. And we don’t only see salespeople. Founders, closers, recruiters and the like have come to us to fine-tune their hard sales skills (negotiating, closing techniques, etc.) and learn the tools being used by the best of breed (Salesforce, Outreach, LeadIQ, etc.).

Product Management, Data Science and More

General Assembly - a Swiss army knife of bootcamps, offering courses from marketing to coding to product management. Whether you are looking to switch careers, or sending your employees for training, General Assembly is a best-in-class program, widely recognized by hiring managers as providing some of the best training available.

There are numerous courses and offerings out there, with plenty of review sites to validate what participants have to say. What’s important is finding the right one that aligns with your career, goals, budget and current work situation. If you’re fortunate enough to be at a company who provides time/money for professional growth - do it! It’s a great resumé builder and will only help advance your career and self-fulfillment.

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