Getting Experience that Matters Before I Graduate

Jul 03
As a fourth year at California Polytechnic State University in San Luis Obispo, I was applying for internship positions that I thought I would provide me with transferable skills that will benefit me in the long run. Since I am due to graduate in December, and still don’t know exactly what I want to do, I am looking for skills that are going to help me in any professional setting. Being a social media intern in the tech sales industry provides me with the opportunity to grow and learn from people who are experts in their respective fields. Each of the team members of Always Hired have their own specialties and I am looking forward to picking their brains. That is why I am extremely excited to join the Always Hired team. I believe that internships are an important step in the professional career for all college students. Not only do you get relevant experience, but you also get a better idea of the exact career path you want to follow. As an intern, I want to soak up all the knowledge I can because I don’t know what’s going to be the most useful for me down the road. Each day I look to get better in some aspect of my life, whether it be personal or professional. And I think this is the perspective that everyone should have. If you are not pushing yourself outside of your comfort zone then your progress will stagnate. I am hoping that this role forces me out of my comfort zone and I am able to absorb as much knowledge as I can from the talented members of Always Hired. So, if you are interested in what I will be accomplishing in my internship over the next several weeks, make sure to follow Always Hired on all of our social media accounts. I aspire to increase total engagements on our social media posts by 20% by the end of my internship to further promote the Always Hired brand and make professionals aware of the training they could be receiving in tech sales. Please help me achieve my goal by following us on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. I will be looking forward to interacting with you across our social media channels! Cheers, Kevin 🍋
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