From Lithuania to San Francisco: I don’t need to code to be in tech 

From Lithuania to San Francisco: I don’t need to code to be in tech 
Gabe Moncayo
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Since moving to San Francisco some things that have kept me excited and motivated to get out of bed in the morning is the opportunity to learn, improve, and grow.

I moved to the Bay area all the way from Lithuania and at first I didn’t feel too comfortable in the city since “I didn’t know how to code”. But the more I discovered, the more I was realized that the tech industry is huge, constantly changing and provides tons of opportunity for growth. Not only are there many paths that can lead you towards success but in the end I knew I wasn’t the only one that can and would feel this way.

That’s why I’m more than thrilled to join the Always Hired team. I’m a big believer that great opportunities present themselves when you’re proactively prepared with a little bit of luck. Many of us are chained by the fear of change, no matter if it’s a new environment, career path, city or even a country. But once that line is crossed you can finally make room for happiness and self-accomplishment can come your way.

In the end, I believe that success lies in always feeling a little uncomfortable. No matter if it’s a call you have to make, a meeting you have to attend to or a speech you have to give in front of a big audience, as long as you’re facing that challenge - it requires you to grow. And if at first it doesn’t work out - don’t let that failure get to you. As Joyce Chang (editor-in-chief at Self) has said “I’ve never had a horrible failure. I don’t really look at things in those terms… I think there are setbacks that you learn from.” With this in mind, I’m determined to bring people together at Always Hired events to share their careers and inspire others to persevere whatever obstacles and hardships they’re facing. So, if you’re curious about what I’ll be up to in the coming months, you’ll likely find me at the office working on creating mind-blowing events with intriguing topics for the community to take advantage of so they can understand the mission that I joined: to help make an impact in the community we live in . I know that sweat, dedication, time, and energy is what it’ll take to achieve our lofty goals that are set for the year. I can’t wait to get started.

I am excited to invite all of you to our first event in a while on March 6th: Navigating Tech Careers: From Sociology Degree to Director of Sales. During this evening, Carthele Kelly, the new Director of Sales @ Zenefits, will share his insights on using psychology and sociology based management in leading #1 HR Software towards an IPO.

See you out there,
Giedre a.k.a Gigi :) 


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