End of February Thoughts

End of February Thoughts
Kevin Lehman
February was a busy month for us here at Always Hired. Having only 28 days in a month goes by quick. Does anyone else feel like January was twice as long as February?! I just wanted to use this blog post to give you a few updates as well as post some thoughts about this month as a whole. At least stay for some Tony Robbins-esque motivation at the end.

Albert's List

We are so excited about a partnership with Albert's List. We have some new projects with them that are going to be huge for both organizations. Our first event with them is tonight (2/27) in San Mateo. You can still buy tickets for the event, several members of our team and the awesome people at Albert's List will be there. We are hoping it is the first of many. Go join their Facebook group if you haven't already. It's full of bright professionals who network and help each other with everything career related.


Our list of trainers that will be helping students at our bootcamp has been established. Three professionals who have amazing experience and will ensure that our students will be ready for the sales world. Dale Thorn. Chad Balistrieri. Ryan Lewis. Here's a blog post about Chad. And another about Ryan. Dale will have one coming up soon as well. These guys are going to help take our company to the next level.

Student Spotlight

One of our students, Seth Davis, got a job with ServiceTitan. Stoked to see what he can do in his new role. It begs the question: who's next? We have tons of other fast-growing tech companies that are looking to hire people RIGHT NOW. Engagio, Stotle, Forsys, and Tulip to name a few. Get in before it's too late.

Goal Setting

I wanted to check in on how everyone's goals are going to start the year. We are now one-sixth of the way through the year. Personally, I am doing really well on some goals and I have made barely any progress on others. Keep yourself honest. Don't stretch yourself too thin. But constantly evaluate how you are doing. Every few weeks is fine. Talking about your goals with people close to you is a good way to keep yourself on track. I prefer not to post on social media for that sort of thing, but it helps some people. Do what's best for yourself. You got this.Remember to follow us on our social media channels (@alwayshired), we're actively posting videos (and fire memes) to help you get a leg up on the competition. And we also have free sales training videos (with a free resume template tucked in there) that you can go through within an hour. The online sales training videos will help you learn some sales skills as well as give you a preview of what our bootcamp training is like. And if you're asking yourself: "How can I find a boot camp near me?" You can learn sales skills online because our sales bootcamp is virtual. -- I hope everyone had a good February. Time to crush it in March.

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