Changing the World from the Best City for Tech

Changing the World from the Best City for Tech
Dayana Huerta
Have you ever dreamed of changing the world from the best city ever? I know I have.  As a senior at the University of San Francisco pursuing a degree in Marketing I have found and been presented with a handful of opportunities that I am dearly grateful for, one which has led to my internship with Always Hired.

I found my passion for marketing after completing my first marketing course back in 2017. Since then, I wanted to be the storyteller behind every new product, learn how to build partnerships and bring vivid images to the consumer. I want to be the successful woman in charge of executing new ideas and topics through the tip of her fingertips on social media. I want to be the next Nisha Chittal, running a team and pitching new ideas to my CEO.

You may be wondering how I was blessed enough to land such an amazing and exhilarating internship? The truth is that when you add a little creativity, acuity, curiosity, and zeal, you get an end result of a summer internship with one of the best startups in San Francisco, Always Hired. That was exactly what I did and plan to continue doing. I am confident that being a social media intern at Always Hired will provide me with the skills and networks to be successful in the future and anywhere else life chooses to take me. With a great mentor like Gigi, I will learn about the world of marketing, events, social media and have my ideas welcomed at the table and not be turned down. I will have the chance to apply everything I’ve learned throughout my college courses to the real life scenarios and the startup environment. This gives me the opportunity to take full advantage of living and working in the best city in the country.

My word of advice to all the women interested in the tech industry is, “la vita è ciò che ne fai fuori”, which translates in english from italian to life is what you make out of it. Changing the world isn't easy You learn that life and the career you choose becomes what you decide to make out if it. Never stop learning, keep growing and educating yourself. Use your imagination whenever possible. Recognize the BEauty that surrounds YOU. Most importantly always remember where you came from, but never lose sight of where you are going. This is the best city for tech and the opportunities are endless.

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Dayana 👑

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