Best Way to Transition from Intern to Full Time

Best Way to Transition from Intern to Full Time
Kevin Lehman
Did you miss us? I know it’s been a little while since we put out a blog post. That is due to change in the coming weeks! As I transition from intern to full time, I am going to make sure that we start putting out more blog posts. It is important to keep you in the loop with everything that is going on around our company!

We hope that everyone has had an amazing start to the new year. We sure have! The new year has brought about many changes - one for example is me starting my full time employment with Always Hired Sales Bootcamp (which is officially our new name). You may notice a new logo also. I know, it looks pretty sweet.

When I was an intern, I had minimal responsibilities since I wasn't working full time. I was only managing Instagram and Twitter along with other various tasks that were assigned to me. Instead of only being in charge of social media, I have now taken over the reins on events and inbound leads. Each day is a learning experience for me, which I am grateful for. This is one of the main reasons I wanted to continue to live the #startuplife.

There will likely be bumps along the way. But that’s what life is about when you are first getting into the workforce. It’s about how you respond to these bumps. I think one of the most important skills for someone my age is not being afraid to make mistakes. Accepting mistakes and then learning from them is crucial for the development of any young professional.

If you have big career aspirations, then don’t let small mistakes along the way distract you. Life is a learning process. Now I’m not saying you should become careless. But just realize what you did wrong and move on. Don’t let one mistake compound into another. 2019 is the year for a positive mindset. This is one of my goals as I become accustomed to being a full time employee. I suggest that all interns and recent full time employees adopt this goal as well. My next blog post will include my other goals for the year.

If you’re curious about how we’re helping professionals get into tech sales, check out these free online videos below to get a taste of the content we provide students of our bootcamp: 


Wanted to provide an update on how things have been going.

The startup life has been treating me well so far.

Some of my personal goals coming in included:
  • Take on new responsibilities
  • Learn some sales skills
  • Learn as much as I can from Gabe
  • Make some lifelong connections
I've already accomplished all of those. I still have some other SMART goals that I'm working on as you read this. But in general, I've started to help in other parts of the business outside of my role. I am now solely in charge of the admissions part of our business. Which is awesome. Because it's a blend of sales and marketing skills. Which is perfect for who I am as a person and what I want to be in the future. I definitely get stressed out a lot about metrics and growing the business. But if you aren't stressing about something then you don't really care about it? That's my philosophy at least. Sure, in an ideal world, I wouldn't be stressed over that stuff. But I think the stress helps me hit my true potential. It brings the best out of me. -- Teachable If you want to check out one my blog posts as an intern, you can go to the link below: Mid-Internship Update

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