Best Lessons in our Sales Bootcamp

Best Lessons in our Sales Bootcamp
Kevin Lehman
What is the best exercise or thing you’ve learned so far in our sales bootcamp and why?

I asked our current students to answer this so we could get some feedback on the training.

The students of our bootcamp get the opportunity to learn sales skills from experienced professionals who have over 20 years combined in tech sales. Chad, Ryan, and Dale are all inside sales professionals who prepare our students for life in sales. We did some Q/A’s with our trainers that you can find here:

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Our students have been working extremely hard to get better each day. A few things about this group that I’ve noticed is how committed they are to their success and how much they are collaborating outside of the normal training hours.

Watch out tech world: a new wave of SDRs is about to take over!

Without further ado, here are the answers from our students:

Benjamin Schneider: My favorite aspect so far is not necessarily a specific lesson, rather it is how we are taught to collaborate together. Not everyone has the same skill set, and bouncing ideas back and forth has started to make me a more well rounded thinker. I've also started to develop good relationships with my classmates as a result.

Emilio Flores: “Tell me about yourself” Practicing this exercise at the beginning of the class is helping me build confidence to speak to people and interact in the real world. Also, I feel confident confronting this question during an interview. Articulating who you are is crucial during a job interview because it shows how you will communicate in phone calls.

Ryan Orsini: "What is your personal ICP?" I liked this because it made me think about what I actually wanted in a position. Having clarity regarding the type of company you want to work for is super important. It forces you to be specific and be self-aware. Both are very important in making sure that you find a position that you will thrive in. The less clarity a person has in the type of job that they want to be doing, the higher the risk of being put in a position that they might not like.

Raj Bose: The opportunity to refine speaking through pitches and answering trainers' questions has been my favorite aspect of the course. From it, I have learned to adapt my message delivery based on the specific question being asked. Overall, I have become more attuned to the exact words people are using and their intentions along with what they hear me say.

John Smith: I've been in training with Always Hired Sales Bootcamp for 2 days and I already feel as the guidance is very direct and concise. Nothing is sugar coated and it's breath of fresh air to know this teams number one goal is to provide you with the tools to set you up for success in the sales tech space. Really enjoyed my first two sessions with Chad and Ryan. Having Gabe weekly calls to discuss progress is going is amazing as well.

Riley Iscoff: My favorite exercise in the entire program is without a doubt the pizza order exercise for reiterating questions back. I found a lot of value in it because of the simplicity and the importance of reiterating someone's question in their exact words back to them.

David Rivera: One of the things I enjoyed learning at Always Hired Sales Bootcamp is how to do an elevator pitch effectively under 60 seconds. The tech sales industry is very fast pace and the elevator pitch certainly helps you get into the mindset of being concise and to the point. #elevatorpitch4life!

Brandie Russo: I think my favorite exercise has been learning my elevator pitch and learning "why you, why now". I thought I knew the answers to both of these activities before starting this workshop but it goes to show you that you are never fully aware about how full of yourself that you are. It takes stepping a foot back and breaking yourself down, and breaking your WORDS down, in order to put yourself back to realize to be concise and meaningful and to do so with purpose that is important.

Suresh Nair: My favorite exercise at the Always Hired Sales Bootcamp is fine tuning the elevator pitch. Building the story arc along with relevant points is always challenging. The trainer feedback and peer pitching model is so effective, I got to better my pitch including the tonality and presentation.

Thomas White: My favorite lesson so far has been about creating the ideal customer profile(ICP). I learned what questions I should be asking myself when I am creating an ICP. I also learned what categories (Title, Geography, Industry, Size of Company, ) I should be researching.

Matthew Mitchell: My favorite exercise has been defining my ICP for potential employers. It really helped me define what I wanted in a sales position in exact terms, as well as give the trainers an opportunity to give their insight that can help me down that path.

Himanshu Pandey: 1) Objection handling & close from Dale: you rephrase/confirm the objection, offer a rebuttal, make them agree the rejection was no more a hurdle & close it! 2) Empathize from Ryan: Dig, empathize, Identify, rebuttal & close. I like both as I can use it in day-to-day meetings and personal life.

Alex Nava: My favorite exercise I have learned in the class has been an elevator pitch. I liked the lesson because that is the first verbal introduction in an interview. I did not have a sales pitch ready and over the weeks after many practices, I am feeling more confident in my pitch and interviewing.

Raffi Manoukian: A candidate is interviewing the company just as much as the company is interviewing the candidate. It can be easier to lose sight of this fact if you are in a "need a job now" type of situation. It's easier to forgive and dismiss what one might consider as a red flag to psychologically cope with "landing that next job that I need NOW!" to pump oneself up about possibly joining an "awesome" organization. A data-driven approach is crucial.


Hopefully you enjoyed the student perspective! We are proud of the students in our tech sales bootcamp and we can't wait to see them continue to grow.

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