Becoming a Sales Warrior

Becoming a Sales Warrior

What an incredible season it’s already been for the Golden State Warriors. They just clinched 20-0 and the excitement in the Bay is palpable. As I sit glued to my couch, I can’t help but think of the relationship between the Warriors season thus far and sales culture.

There are so many lessons we can take from their wins and apply to learning how to win on the sales floor: Walton breaks the schedule down by weeks, attempting to “have a good week,” rather than focus on what looms further down the line. The focus is on the process, with the trust that results will follow.

Another great example of trusting the process is by taking a journey back to the 2012 NBA All Star game. Andre Igoudala of the Warriors didn’t necessarily want to come off the bench, but he did it for the team. He went on to win NBA Finals MVP in 2015.

I’ve seen sales reps falter on this, it’s the achilles heel of reps who hit one big month and stop following the process. The truth is, that’s the fastest way to become a one-hit-wonder. The best reps don’t want to prospect everyday or always maintain 100% CRM data integrity, but they do it because they know it will lead to future success. Because they fully trust the process.

To stand apart from all of the average players, to be truly great, you have to live and breathe the process – but also truly believe in your team. You must see the brilliance of others and find areas of opportunity for yourself to improve. Staying humble, having appreciation and gratitude for leadership, and supporting your team is incredibly difficult – yet it’s the only thing that will lead to true, sustained success.

The Warriors make a great example of this when speaking with the press. They don’t complain. They always pass praise and celebrate their teammate’s accomplishments. They focus on things they could have done better, and will do better next time. They never fail to stay positive, motivated, and humble.

The Warriors are a stacked team with a great coach, they trust the process and each other above all else. Because of that, they’ve gone on to break one of the biggest records in the NBA. Want to win? Follow their lead by truly trusting in the process, believe in your team, stay humble, and then don’t let anything stop you from running toward the finish line.

As you go back to your day, the beginning of a new month, you have this fresh new start. With that, make the decision to be Stephen Curry. Be the MVP.

​They say everything slows down in December. Not for Curry, not for you

– Gabriel Moncayo, co-founder at AlwaysHired

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