AlwaysHired Sales Bootcamp Leads Stanford Graduate to His Dream Job in Tech Sales

AlwaysHired Sales Bootcamp Leads Stanford Graduate to His Dream Job in Tech Sales
Elise Hymes

Damondrick Jack

When you mention “Stanford graduate,” you think of a tech CEO that started their first company in their dorm. However, not all paths follow the same Silicon Valley trajectory. Take Damondrik Jack, who was working as a movie theatre usher to support his multiple entrepreneurial ventures. He was doing this eight years post graduation, until one fateful day when Damondrik browsed Reddit and saw an ad for AlwaysHired’s sales bootcamp. Being dependent on investors to define his financial status, he knew he had to take his life into his own hands and forge a path to success.

Within a week of clicking on the ad, he was sitting in the AlwaysHired sales bootcamp that changed his life. The curriculum entailed a high-intensity sales training, including:

  • Overview of the Tech Industry
    • Proper Sales Terms and Lingo
      • SFDC not Salesforce
      • Crush Quota
    • Key Players
      • Investors
      • Important Decision Makers
  • Sales Techniques
    • Question Based Selling
    • Closing Techniques
  • Application of Tools
    • Salesforce
    • Data Intelligence Tools
  • Cold Calls for AlwaysHired partner, ZeroCater

In addition to tactical sales learnings and insights, AlwaysHired gave Damondrik personal branding techniques to fully optimize his resume and LinkedIn profile. Within a month, he was hired to work in tech sales at his dream job at incorporates all the best aspects of sales for Damondrik. On a daily basis, he is able to educate and teach prospects the many benefits of a full-stack cloud platform. In this role, he also acts as a business development consultant spending his day producing in-depth analysis on market trends and deep-dives into data to increase inbound leads to convert to sales.

From his time at AlwaysHired to his current role at, Damondrik has five tips to success to crush sales quota and find the right fit that’d be beneficial to someone who wants to pivot to a career in sales.

  1. Work Hard
  2. Bring a Good Attitude
  3. Research the product landscape and find the right product-market fit for you
  4. Find the right team that fits your long-term goals
  5. Learn all you can about the sales landscape. Walk the walk, before you talk the talk.

Damondrik gives this final piece of advice, “being a good salesperson is not about being pushy; rather about being helpful. Ask the right questions to understand the person’s problem before the solution. In doing so, you can tailor the product to their needs.”

To learn more about the AlwaysHired sales bootcamp and see success similar to Damondrik, contact us.

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