AlwaysHired Sales Bootcamp Journey: Final Day

AlwaysHired Sales Bootcamp Journey: Final Day
Elise Hymes

Tomás Quiñonez-Riegos AlwaysHired sales bootcamp student

You know in 80’s sports films when some coach finds a ragtag group of misfits and turns them into an unlikely champion team through a series of training montages? That’s AlwaysHired. On my last day of participating in one week of their training, I know exactly how those unlikely sportsmen feel because I’m in the middle of the montage.

After a week of lessons and exercises, lectures and experiments, we’re now working the phones. We’re closing demos. The training is starting to prove its effectiveness.

CEO Gabe Moncayo has led our classes each day this week. He’s said repeatedly that sales is not rocket science, it’s not impossible but only requires an attention to detail and crisp execution. Do what you’re told and you’ll succeed because you’re told to do things for a reason.

For example, when reading a sales script you want to make sure you hit all of the questions in the right way so that the client can have time to buy in. It may be awkward at times to wait in silence over the phone after you ask someone, “does that seem like a worthwhile idea?” Our instinct is to fill the void - to answer the question for the client and convince them of all the reasons why whatever we’re selling is worth their while. Yet the more we sell, the less people buy. Further, the more you create small openings for clients to affirm their interest over the course of the call, the more likely they are to agree to your close when you present your final ask. All of these small openings are written into the sales script so we don’t have to come up with it ourselves. We just have to do what we’re told, pay attention to details and execute crisply.

It’s one thing to be told some formula will bring you success. It’s another to experience it.

Imagine, then, a room full of desks with over a dozen people facing away from one another and calling number after number, all repeating the same script, some getting farther than others before being hung up on. Imagine, then, the sound on a sunny Friday morning when everyone in the room begins cheering, leaning back in their chairs and exchanging high-fives to a woman in the center of the room. She just booked a demo. She read the script, paid attention to details and executed crisply. She succeeded.

Over the course of the last day we all worked a lead list of about 100 contacts given to us over Salesforce. Our task was to book demos on behalf of a catering company called ZeroCater. After a week of learning the in’s and out’s of sales strategy, how to handle objections and how to use Salesforce, we migrated from the whiteboard to the real world. Suddenly we speaking with real people all over the country trying to book real demos.

What just a few days ago were a group of strangers from backgrounds ranging from personal trainers to mortgage brokers, was now a team of business development representatives helping a software company sell product. Every time someone reached the end of their script and booked a demo, the room erupted in applause. We learned how to pay attention to details and how to execute crisply. We learned how to succeed.

We’re hungry for more.

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