AlwaysHired Sales Bootcamp Alumni Mixer

AlwaysHired Sales Bootcamp Alumni Mixer
Kelsey Brazill

What sets the AlwaysHired bootcamp apart from the others, is the lasting community that is built amongst students who have gone through our program. Last Thursday the AlwaysHired Alumni Community came together to network and continue to learn from one another.

This Alumni Mixer was an opportunity for former AlwaysHired students who have moved on to SDR and AE roles to ask Gabe, our CEO and co-founder, questions pertaining to their every day sales challenges. By attending these events AlwaysHired Alumni can not only continue to learn and develop their craft, but also maintain relationships and visibility in the tech community. Keeping such connections will help position them for their next promotion or find SDRs for their current companies.

“The AlwaysHired Alumni event last week was a great way for all of the alumni to reconnect and network with each other. I was able to meet a lot of great people working at great companies and soon to be graduates as well. I really liked how we were able to apply the knowledge we learned in the classroom, coupled with work experience, and be able to ask questions to Gabe our CEO. Being able to reach out to the other trainers and other alumni with real work-related questions is something I found extremely valuable. AlwaysHired has built a tremendously excellent program that I am proud to be a part of for life.” - Gilbert Duong, SparkPost

The next AlwaysHired Sales Bootcamp Alumni Mixer will be at WeWork California St. on August 24 for a summer BBQ - save the date!

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