AlwaysHired Sales Bootcamp Alum Chat: Emyli Volz

AlwaysHired Sales Bootcamp Alum Chat: Emyli Volz
Elise Hymes

We had the opportunity to sit down with AlwaysHired sales bootcamp alum Emyli Volz to learn about her passion for sales and how being a women in tech inspires her to work harder and smarter.

What’s your name / current job situation?
Emyli - Associate Account Executive

Where were you before AlwaysHired?
Property Management - Leasing Consultant

How did you find out about AlwaysHired?
My colleague at my old company was taking the bootcamp and showed me what he was learning. I found it really valuable and interesting.

Do you want to do sales long-term or pivot to another tech role?
I have sales in my blood, and I’ll always be involved in sales. I’m also an entrepreneur, so I apply my sales experience and training to my side business. My goal is to eventually work for myself through entrepreneurial pursuits that naturally require strong sales and marketing skills.

What was the best insight you learned with the program and what was your daily curriculum like?
The most valuable piece of the sales bootcamp was the advice provided on being a woman in tech sales. The AlwaysHired team taught me to speak up, take up space, be confident in myself and ask smart questions. The industry is dominated by men so if you want to make your mark as a woman in tech, you can’t be afraid to make some noise.

What’s a data point/success that you’ve had in your new job now?
My first month on the phones I crushed quota by 167% and brought two strong opportunities to the table, which very nearly became clients. I’m in charge of booking meetings, so I can’t control closings but I tee’d it up nicely right out of the gates.

How long did it take you to find a job?
I had a signed offer letter 2 weeks out of AlwaysHired.

Were you set up with personal branding to find a job via AlwaysHired?
Absolutely. We learned to package our self-pitch in interviews and had a great training on branding yourself as a positive, team player both in interviews and in the workplace after being hired. After my first review, upper management described me as a team player, with a cheerful and engaging demeanor, which was all part of the branding-training that I was taught at Always Hired.

What do you want from your career?
I want to master business development sales. I want to be able to walk into a brand new startup (with limited historical sales data) armed with the skills to scale the business rapidly and sustainably.

What advice would you have for someone who’s looking to transition into tech sales?
Be selective in the company that you choose. There’s lots of questionable leadership. Make sure your values align with the people running the company.

What industry in tech are you most passionate about?
Advertising at the moment.

What’s it like to be a women in sales? Is the ratio equal at your company?
I’m the only woman on the AAE team and I’ll admit it’s weird at times. I have sometimes felt that I haven’t been asked my opinion or invited to lunches or to get coffee when others have. It can feel like a boy’s club at times but the key is to speak up and invite yourself to things. I think women by nature can be less upfront with their communications and I’ve learned to say, “hey I want to go to that” or, “hey I’m interested in this, can you tell me more about it?” It’s not natural but it’s a useful skill to be able to say what you want so that you get it.

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