Always Hired Sales Bootcamp Review: Viviana Peralta

Always Hired Sales Bootcamp Review: Viviana Peralta
Leane Brune


Life works in mysterious ways sometimes. As Viviana, an Always Hired sales boot camp alumni, says “it is a combination of the convergence of hard work, luck and opportunity, and what’s supposed to happen.”

Viviana came to Always Hired with an unusual background: she is a Professional Photographer and ran her own business for 13 years, traveling back and forth between San Francisco and Colombia. She permanently moved to San Francisco when she decided she wanted to pursue her passion for photography geared more towards creativity and not as a full-time business.

She landed a job at a tech company, Quantcast, and while she qualifies her position as “not glamorous” she adds that it helped her fall in love with the tech industry. Surrounded by innovators and entrepreneurs, she found her calling.

While at Quantcast, Viviana became intrigued by the SDR role, thought it was an interesting position and the best way to break into tech sales. Following that idea, she applied for SDR roles but would neither get called back or make it past the initial phone screen.

Viviana sent an application to the Always Hired Boot camp without really realizing what it was and received a call from Gabe Moncayo, who conducted an in-person interview with her. Viviana was impressed by Gabe’s leadership and drive and decided to join the program.

After completing the program, it took her about a month to land a job, it was very important for her to find the perfect fit and she eventually did. She was hired as an Account Manager at ForgeRock and loves it: “I am surrounded by smart, passionate, and driven people. I am extremely proud to work at and represent ForgeRock.”

Coming from an entrepreneurial background to the corporate world was a big jump. Although Viviana found similarities with her experience, she had to adjust quickly. Before she worked on her own, now Viviana had to adjust to dealing with multiple people across varying job functions.

The leadership, support, and daily interactions with Gabe, the trainers, and her peers was very beneficial for her: she learned the skills to adapt to any situation and thrive in a team-work environment.

Viviana is very involved with the Always Hired Community. She believes that “when something good happens to you, it is very important to give back” - and that’s exactly what she does. She is grateful for the support she was given from the trainers and Alumni, and makes it a point to replicate the gesture with the new grads: “I don’t think my life would have gone the way it has if I didn’t go through Always Hired.”

Viviana is on the path to greater things and we couldn’t be more proud.

Interested in following Viviana's path to success? Learn more about the Always Hired Sales Bootcamp here.

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