Always Hired Sales Bootcamp Review – Krunal Patel, CultureAmp

Always Hired Sales Bootcamp Review – Krunal Patel, CultureAmp
Elise Hymes


Sometimes family knows best - and in the case of Krunal Patel, when his cousin Sunny recommended Always Hired, he decided to take a look.

Let’s back up for a second though. At the time when Krunal was considering a job switch, he was in sales at a tiny Bay Area company, where it was a learn-on-your-own company. Mentorship wasn't available for training, and as an entry level sales person, he didn’t get the foundation and fundamentals he felt were necessary to have a successful, long-term career in sales.

Knowing that he needed training, he decided to research sales training bootcamps. He contacted multiple other Bay Area based bootcamps, but only Always Hired showed genuine interest in helping Krunal pursue his career and get him to a place he needed to be to succeed. Some bootcamps didn’t reply, and others only seemed to care about their best interest, rather than that of the student.

After doing more research, Krunal quickly came across the many reviews from former students on the positive experience they had going through the program, and landing jobs after. It solidified his decision to move forward with Always Hired.

“Going through the bootcamp was such a great experience. It really built the basic building blocks around tech. They started from the bottom - teaching lingo, what it means to be in tech sales, companies we needed to know about,” Krunal recounts. He remembers that going through the bootcamp gave him the opportunity to learn skills that he might not be able to easily learn on the job, because the need then is to focus on closing to hit your numbers.

At the end of the program, the interview process was essential to helping him prepare for what was to come next - what interviewers are looking for in candidates, how to answer questions, and what questions to ask in return. Krunal learned how to convey the knowledge he gathered in an interview, which helped him land the position he ultimately did.

Krunal was hired at Culture Amp, a leading HR analytics company helping companies build better workplaces for their employees. He was hired because of the training he went through, and would require little to no ramp up time when onboarding. Krunal is currently helping to build out the inbound and outbound strategies at the company. Since joining, the SDR team has doubled, and Krunal was a key piece in building out their early processes.

Krunal feels that his background with Always Hired has opened doors when it comes to his career growth, faster than had he not participated in the bootcamp. In 6 short months, he’s on the road to becoming an Account Executive, or growing into another higher level role with Culture Amp and we couldn’t be more proud!

In addition to his success with his career, Krunal utilizes the strong alumni network/community to meet with other alums, swap stories, share tips and more. He’s been able to make long lasting friends who provide ongoing career advice and mentorship to each other.

Big things are happening for our Krunal (and all our grads) and we can’t wait to watch the ride.

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