Always Hired Sales Bootcamp Review by Rich Herrera

Always Hired Sales Bootcamp Review by Rich Herrera
Elise Hymes


How did you find Always Hired?

Always Hired was referred to me an alumni member, Karla Hernandez who had recently finished the boot camp at that time. She mentioned it was a great way to break into tech sales and get ahead. At that time, I was a brand ambassador for Uber, with experience on how to manage a lead pipeline, prospect face-to-face and little calling experience, but never had experience with CRM or other sales tools. The bootcamp seemed like the perfect fit in order to improve my skillset and learn the proper knowledge to enter the tech sales field.

Why did you choose Always Hired?

I chose Always Hired to get my foot in the door to tech sales and to learn the knowledge to succeed. The skills it takes to be an SDR and tech sales in general, you really can’t find that in a traditional college. What stuck out to me the most were the numbers (Number one rated sales bootcamp and a ninety-percent placement rate), numbers never lie. Plus when interviewing, a lot of employers want to know more and are impressed when they see Always Hired on a resume - it separates you from the rest of the candidates.

What did you learn from the program?

You learn a lot in the program. From my experience, I learned how to give an elevator pitch, how to use the popular sales tools (SFDC, Nova, Slack, LeadIQ and more), gain more experience in cold calls, how to run email campaigns, how to pitch each employee and a lot more.

Tell us about the job you landed after Always Hired.

After three months of the boot camp, I was able to land a role as a Media Account Executive position in San Francisco. Currently, I’m the only one in that position so I go through the entire sales cycle. My on-site interview didn’t feel like an interview but a normal conversation, which is what you want them to be. Never would I think would I land an Account Executive position this fast but this is only possible because of the knowledge and skills I learned from Always Hired.

How did Always Hired prepare you for this job and success you are having in your position?

Always Hired prepared me for my current role in a lot of ways. The proper way how to go about an interview in terms of doing the proper research on the company, people you’ll be interviewing (Find A Commonality) and asking the important questions. Besides your resume, you always want to conduct proper research, bring a script, ask the right questions and have a Moleskin notebook.

The knowledge from Always Hired prepared me for my role big time. How to properly reach the right person when cold calling, how to handle the gatekeeper and how to close the deal. Successes, I’ve had include dials per day since I started calling, transition from negotiations (selling conversations) to going for a hard close since I have a quick sales cycle. I’m able to close at least two per day.

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