Always Hired Sales Bootcamp Grad Lands in Australia

Always Hired Sales Bootcamp Grad Lands in Australia
Leane Brune


Sometimes life takes you to unexpected places - our Alumni Rebecca just moved to Australia to build a new sales team and she’s reminiscing on her experience with Always Hired.

At the time Rebecca had just graduated in Urban Studies from UC Berkeley and she had just decided the field wasn’t the perfect match. She then took on a data entry & admin entry-level position for the sake of making a living. Like so many recent grads, Rebecca had no career path mapped out.

Had it not been for a friend, Seth Mazow, recommending her to pursue sales, Rebecca wouldn’t have found her way to Always Hired. Motivated by her friend’s recommendation she searched for sales roles: “the applications I would see online required some level of experience, even for entry-level positions”. This new obstacle drove her to search for the training she was lacking. Come in Always Hired Sales Bootcamp.

Rebecca ended up interviewing with 4 companies shortly after graduating from the program and eventually got referred into FinancialForce where she landed an SDR role. She recalls the constant support of the Always Hired’s trainers who helped her prepare for interviews, and more importantly for her new position.

The training she received at Always Hired, enabled Rebecca to be confident in her new position: she was taught how to handle the role of an SDR, she knew exactly what it would take to get to the next level. Her drive? As she puts it: “the instructors don’t sugarcoat anything, they act like sales managers would”.

The advice she received from Gabe and other trainers really resonated with her and shaped her into the successful SDR she is today.

Rebecca has now been an SDR for about 18 months, and she has just started a new chapter in her career: FinancialForce has opened a new office in Sydney, AUS and she is the one in charge of building their new sales team “I was told I am the right person for this because of my positive attitude towards the day to day grind” (indeed, she landed Monday and got to work on Tuesday!)

Rebecca is grateful for having participated in the Bootcamp and being where she is today. “I will not forget doing the program because it jump started my career”.

The next step in her path? Becoming an AE over in Sydney. We can’t wait to see her crush it.

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