Alway Hired’s Alumni Spotlight: Ilkin Farajov

Alway Hired’s Alumni Spotlight: Ilkin Farajov
Dain Laverty

Always Hired’s Alumni Spotlight

February 2018


Grooming good talent is the future of successful sales’ organizations.

Companies don’t always have the luxury of hiring SDR’s out of the gate due to the pressures of revenue targets, funding, etc. But when they do, it pays.

Take a look at Ilkin’s path to success and what he did to get there.

  • Recognized as the Top Producing Sales Rep
  • Converted first deal from a cold call in company history
  • Hitting 135% of weekly activity quota for converting new prospects to meetings

Ilkin Farajov joined Go Nimbly in July of 2017 as an Enterprise Account Development Rep and recently was recognized as the highest producing rep historically to date.

Go Nimbly is a San Francisco based consultancy focused on Revenue Operations as a means to scale and grow SaaS and PaaS companies. Organizations from Series A to IPO trust the Go Nimbly RevOps framework with over $83M in MRR. The framework spans Marketing, Sales, Success and Billing, providing unified strategy, process and execution across the operations technology stack.

So, how did he do it you ask…

  • Uses an Account-Based Selling Plan to develop long term friendships with prospects by defining specific ICPs, Buying Personas, and tailoring his messaging and always taking the extra step.
  • Creates lead lists for specific segments that allow him to target his communications at a more granular level.
  • Implements highly customized Vidyard videos to each outbound prospect that are powerful for engaging his audience, and connecting on a more human level.

Congratulations to Ilkin Farajov and Go Nimbly on continued success and we wish good fortune in 2018!

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