4 things I’ve learned after joining an early stage startup

4 things I’ve learned after joining an early stage startup
Gabe Moncayo

I started working at Always Hired months ago, but it seems like it was just yesterday. If my last job was like a cruise ship — comfortable and slow, then Always Hired is like a roller coaster — exciting, thrilling and full of twists and turns. I want to share what I’ve learned being a part of a startup that’s in major growth mode.

1. Everyday is a new adventure. Things are never the same two days in a row. 

When you work for a startup, you learn the real definition of the ‘fast paced environment’. It actually exists. It forces you to be flexible and open to new ideas. If you find a better way to do something — great! Share it and see if it works. Things move so fast and change so often, you learn to adjust quickly.

2. Experiment, change, test, but stay true to your vision.

Our founder constantly says — “there is no perfection” and I can add there is no particular right way to do things. A single example that has worked once, might not necessarily succeed again. Being a perfectionist, I am still learning to take risks and be ok with the outcome, even if it means failing. Learn from it and make things better in the future.

3. When you think of a consumer — start from yourself.

As marketers or event organizers, when we think of that ICP, we look for articles or data that we can rely on. To be honest, in all that research, I tend to forget to start with myself. If I was to pick from all the events out there, why would I go to this particular one? Why should I consider choosing this exact program? What did my eye catch on the social media lately? Once you answer these questions, your task path will be so much easier.

4. Ask for feedback, constantly try to improve and look for people to learn from!

If we all knew what are we doing, then learning curve would not exist. There will always be people who will give their opinion no matter what, but it may not be relevant to you. So ask people that you trust, ask people you that work with, ask people who have been in the business for a long time. I am thankful to Myk Pono, Kate Talbot, Evelina Korvel, Domitilla Caputo and Gabriel Moncayo who share their ideas, opinion, insights and best practices. They answer my questions… even the silly ones! And I am very glad to have an opportunity to learn from them!

In conclusion, own whatever it is that you find yourself doing that day. With all these insights, I’m sure you’d have your surfboard ready to keep you afloat the crazy tides of the startup journey. Ending up on a high note, I want to share some great news. Always Hired is opening an office in LA next month! Our first event there will be on Tuesday, May 8th at the General Assembly Santa Monica on the Art of Persuasion. It is open to everyone who is looking to learn more about the most effective negotiation strategies to become the best sales person. See you there!

Cheers, Gigi

Giedre originally shared this article on her Medium.


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