2020: The Year of the Career Pivot; SDRs are at the Forefront

2020: The Year of the Career Pivot; SDRs are at the Forefront
Gabe Moncayo
None of us could have seen this year coming. Sure, scientists have long warned us about possible pandemics and viruses taking a toll on society, but COVID-19 has presented unprecedented issues worldwide, and the economic sector is just one small part of the puzzle. We have witnessed and are still experiencing layoffs in every industry. People who have been in the same career their whole life are having to look to new possibilities just to make ends meet.


So, is 2020 the year of the career pivot?

If you're like many Americans wondering what new role you can easily fit into with your experience and your knowledge, LinkedIn's Economic Graph team did a study showing possible paths, analyzing two of the hardest hit industries: retail and hospitality. They looked at career switches made by individuals between 2015 and 2019. Across the board, the industry that kept showing up: Sales.
With the current labor-market upheaval, career counselor Kolby Shibata-Goodman reports, a lot of people from customer-facing jobs in retail, hospitality and restaurants are looking to move into practically every imaginable sales job. “Instead of selling a successful hotel stay, they can end up selling an enterprise-software solution,” Shibata-Goodman says. Doing business as The Job Huntr, he coaches candidates on how to shine in interviews by telling stories of turning disgruntled guests into happy patrons -- and then showing how that approach could translate into an aptitude for sales.
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