Sales Bootcamp is a 3 week Sales Bootcamp SDR Certification program

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Sales Training for Closers

Week 1

Day 1

Expectations: Bootcamp Rules

Consultative Scripting: Salesperson versus Consultant, Ideal Customer Profile

Elevator Pitch: Live Recording sent to partners

Day 2

Subconscious Triggers: 4 Factors of Impulse

Effective Cold Emailing: Why You Why You Now

Day 3

Persuasive Communication: Question Based Selling, Empathy

Rapport Building: F.OR.D, C.P.R.

Day 4

Cold Calling Training: Getting to the Decision Maker, 3 Most Common Intro Objections, Sales Scripts

Managing up: Manager Feedback Training

Day 5

Cold Calling Day: Log activity in Salesforce, Call real leads on behalf of our partners, Book Appointments

Week 1 Drills

Consultative Script Drills, Cold Emailing Drills, C.P.R. + Qualifiers + Close Drills, Sales Script Drills

Homework Assignments

Sales Daily Life, SDR vs AE, Sales Lingo, Email Templates, Empathy on Strangers Exercise, Career Progression

Key Takeaways

Walk away knowing how to open and close conversations in-person, over email, and over the phone

Tools & Technology Training

Week 2

Day 1

The Technology Sector: Intro to Tech

Lead IQ: Email Cracking + Lead List Drills

Day 2 Email Campaigns and Personalization + Vidyard: Virtual Presentations and Prospecting Videos

Day 3

The Technology Sector: Become a Techie, Vesting and Triggers

Three R's: Research like a Techie

Day 4

Salesforce: Create Leads + Reports + Dashboards

Sales Operations: Data Analysis and Performance Metrics, Volume vs Conversion Data

Day 5

Technology Product Types: SaaS, PaaS, Hardware, Services - B2C and B2B

Week 2 Drills

Email Cracking, Lead List Building, Salesforce, Outreach, Vidyard Group Workshops

Homework Assignments

Find Tech Business Data on Crunchbase for 5 companies, Crack 15 emails with LeadIQ, Send Campaign in Outreach, Vesting Schedule Equations, Create Leads and Update Statuses

Key Takeaways

Lead Management, Pipeline Management, Performance Management, Data Cleanliness and Organization, Lead Status/Changes, Sales Funnel, Drills

Week 3

New Job Placement

Day 1

Job Pipeline Management: Conversion expectations for Applications, Phone Screens, In-person Interviews, Offer Negotiations

Day 2

Interview Challenges: Objection Handling and Rebuttals

Interview Questions: Personal, Target Based, Culture, Upward Mobility, Closing on Next Steps

Day 3

Getting Past the Gatekeeper (Recruiter): ICP, Tone, Jargon, Closing

Work Products: What to expect, and how to exceed (like you should in your new job)

Day 4

Following Up: Why you should NOT always follow up (and how to when it's appropriate)

Panel Interviews: How to pitch to multiple people at the same time

Day 5

Mock Interview Day: Practice with Trainers, Students, and Hiring Partners

Week 3 Drills

Mock Phone/In-person/Negotiation Drills, Email Templates Drill (Modern Day Applications), Design Projects, Equations & Data Structure

Homework Assignments.

Build Job Pipeline Master Sheet, Categorized Questions for Interviewer, Work Product Samples, Prepare for Mock Interview Day

Key Takeaways

Walk away with the confidence to nail any interview. Interviewing is selling yourself and we will teach you how to secure your next offer letter. Welcome to Tech!

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