Partnership Opportunities

Need qualified sales talent? Check.

Chasing SDR quotas?

Guarantee your success by partnering with us. We have two partnership options to suit your needs.

Hiring Solution


Get pre-trained employees who are ready to hit the ground running. AH students are trained on Salesforce, consultative closing, e-mail cadence and tools, and much more.
Hiring partners also get access to AH Grads 3 weeks before the general market!

Corporate Training


Did you hire an SDR not from our school? Send them to our training program before their start date for faster quota attainment.
Bonus: Access our Hiring Solution without any of the placement fees!

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Partnership Pricing Structure

  • Hiring Solution

    15% of base salary

    • 100 Day Guarantee
    • Pre-trained and proficient in Sales Tools
    • Our Grads are very eager to hit the ground running

    Contact us to find out more

  • Corporate Training


    • Flexible length programs depending on your needs
    • Affordable and on-demand training at your disposal
    • Corporate Training partners access our Hiring Solution for no additional fees

    Contact us to find out more

We needed 1 hire, and we needed it to be right. Sunny was found through AlwaysHired and our entire team loves him. He hits quota and fits in well with our culture."

Always Hired continues to deliver high quality candidates. We spend less time interviewing and training their graduates – they just hit the ground running."

We've hired multiple people from Always Hired and have sent others there for training. Those SDRs have since been promoted to AEs."

  • Tom Melbourne
    VP of Sales
  • Justin Roberts
    VP of Sales
  • Don Otvos
    VP of Sales Ops
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